Mens Flip Flops Sandals

Mens Flip Flops Sandals

Traditionally imagining a man in flip flops meant he was at a beach party or was a young college guy just relaxing in a lounge, but recently flip flops have become high fashion both for men and women.

Why men’s flip flops sandals?

When the weather is hot, men opt for the cooler type of footwear rather than joggers and boots. Men’s flip flops sandals absorb moisture (sweat) like a canvas. Men’s flip flops sandals offerings by sport sandal maker Teva will just lure you into buying one even if you have a true macho persona. Fashion designers, who have increasingly started paying attention to embellishments for men, have sold versions of flip flops that got popular on the ramp when male model walked with them, earning the designers hundreds of Dollars. Starting from a humble form of casual wear, men’s flip flop have become a prominent fashion accessory esp. on the beach and for light sport.

Flip Flop Sandals’ Material

The design, color, and material of men’s flip flops sandals are suited to represent the masculine look. This does not mean that they all come in dark and serious colors. You are free to choose from a wide variety of soles, straps, and tones to match your style. It’s up to you to wear different ones at home, party, and beach to suit your personality. As men have strong and heavier body than women they need to pay attention to the material used instead of just colors and pattern (as the women and kids do). Soles of classy men’s flip flops sandals are made of thick rubber with leather coated insole for sturdiness.

Tips for Choosing men’s Flip Flops Sandals

  • Beach

For the beach, you must see the sole construction and strap thickness. Cheap men’s flip flops sandals are made of foam that cannot resist heavy pressure for long. It can bend or crumble after continuous use and washings. Choose rubber straps for beach wear to have relaxing walk in water. For beach atmosphere, it’s best to avoid coated men’s flip flops sandals as they absorb water creating discomfort.

  • Casual life

For the casual life around the city, you must go for men’s flip flops sandals that match the color of your clothes. Pay more attention to having a matching belt. Do not go for cheap models if you are used to walking more than couple of yards or climb stairs every day. If you are a trendy man who would like to experiment with fancy colors, like the runway male models, then go to a website of men’s flip flops. You will see a variety of color, designs, sizes, and shops offering you plenty of choices. This means that you don’t have to run around looking for a bigger size for your choice if you have very large, heavy feet.

  • Outdoors
Choose stable flip flops with solid, wide straps. It can have shock pad under it so that you can atleast go on hilly areas or for long walks. Also, choose a sturdy traction material like vibram and a tread design for shoe sole, if you are a very sporty or adventurous person.

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