Flip Flops Women

Flip Flops Women

When shopping for flip flops women styles, you will find an almost infinite number of shoes that are crafted with bright glitzy T-straps, many of which have a slightly wedged heel. There will invariably be some feature that is softer, more feminine and of course floral or gemmed which will set women’s flip flops totally apart from those for men or the unisex versions.

Designer Flip Flops for Women

Often we hear the word ‘flip flops’ and think of those simple rubber disposable shoes that we wear to the beach so that we don’t ‘ruin’ our good sandals. While this may have been the case in the early days of the flip flops craze, this type of footwear has literally exploded on the scene in recent years and most top name shoe designers have flip flop women shoes that can actually be quite expensive. It may sound a bit cliché, in fact it is an overused phrase, but you really do get what you pay for!

Big Names in Women’s Flip Flops

Some of the most notable designers who have some lovely flip flops for women would be Kenneth Cole, Gucci, Burberry, Cole Haan, Channel, Balenciaga, UGG and even Prada. You can find designer flip flop sandals for women for less than $40 or you can pay several hundred dollars for a jewel studded pair. Craftsmanship plays a major role, but so too does the designer’s name and the quality of materials used in manufacturing the shoe.

Flip Flop Women – Accessories

In fact, flip flops are trending so high at the moment that no self respecting flip flop women would go without accessories to match their designer thongs! There are flip flops key chains, bracelets, charms, necklaces, pendants, brooches, hair clips, barrettes, and even flip flops blouses and T-shirts. Some women even carry a hand bag that has embroidered flip flops as the central theme, sometimes with 60’s flower power blooms scattered around the bag as well.

Cold Weather Flip Flops Women

Because flip flops have become such a huge success, many women refuse to forego them during the cold winter months. You might think they are crazy, but there really is a way to be comfortable in flip flops 365 days a year! They are now making flip flops women socks that are much like mittens only instead of the thumb being set apart it is the big toe! Stripes, flowers and single colored flip flops socks keep your feet warm and cozy, even on the coldest of days. If you are wearing them as house slippers, try a pair of flip flops socks to warm those frosty toes. You may even find that socks help prevent that perennial between-the-toes blister that many women suffer through when breaking in a new pair.

You can always tell flip flops women from those who just don’t get it. The flip flop fashionista will have a closet full of them with a ton of accessories to match. Winter snow won’t prevent them from running around the house in pair of designer flip flops and you will see them shopping online 24 hours a day. Flip flops are more than a comfortable shoe – they are a craze and you either get it or you don’t.

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