Cheap Flip Flops

Cheap Flip Flops


Most of the time we equate flip flops with inexpensive shoes that are simply made from cheap rubber and can be found in any discount store for no more than two or three dollars. Those really are cheap flip flops and will live up to the name, for sure. However, there are an almost infinite number of high quality flip flop sandals that you can pick up on sale that will wear well, look good and be well worth the price. Cheap flip flops can be found most easily online by looking for end of season specials or browsing through some vendors that carry a broad selection from a number of designers. Look for discounts and bargains on designer labels if you want a pair that is reasonably priced.

Old Navy Classic Women’s Flip Flops

One of the places to look when searching for cheap flip flops is Old Navy. While they may carry flip flops in retail locations during the summer months, it is highly doubtful you will find any sandals during the wintertime, so shopping online may be your only option during those months. However, the Old Navy Classic Women’s Flip Flops come in 17 different colors in sizes 5 through 11. Priced at $3.50 a pair, you can buy them online and save $1 a pair if you order 2 or more pair. In fact, at $2.50 a pair, why not pick up one of every color?

Reef and Sanuk Flip Flop Sandals

Next on the list when searching for cheap flip flops, would be a shoe that is normally priced a bit higher, but can be found on sale for less than $20. Reef and Sanuk carry a reasonably priced line of flip flops that are most often reduced for end of season sales and when merchants are getting ready to bring in new merchandise for the upcoming spring and summer. If you are a savvy shopper, it is even possible to find flip flops from either company for anywhere from $10 to $15.

Wholesale Flip Flops for Cheap

Another avenue to explore would be to find a wholesaler that offers cheap flip flops online. One of the reasons that many people don’t search for wholesale shoes is because they erroneously believe they need to order in bulk. An online wholesaler will sell products at wholesale prices, but it does not mean you need to order cheap flip flops by the dozen! It simply means that you can shop at rock bottom prices per item.

Just because flip flops can be found cheaper than they normally would be priced, doesn’t mean that they are seconds or inferior in quality. It’s usually a matter of a special sale or discount to get product moving. Take advantage of every sale you can find and look for online merchants that offer free shipping when you spend a certain amount. Every penny you save makes those reasonably priced flip flop sandals even cheaper in the long run.

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