Cheap Gladiator Sandals

Cheap Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator sandals, better known as flip flops or thong sandals, are among the cheapest foot wear money can buy, yet remains as trendy as ever. They are times pieces of foot wear that date back thousands of years throughout the history of mankind.

Gladiator sandals in a gladiator age

Gladiator sandals were already worn during the era of Caesar and the Roman empire, and continue to be popular in modern times. The first modern day version of this sandal was the well known “V” shaped thong sandal, and was used in and around the house. A kind of poor man’s slippers if you will.
Until the mid sixties cheap gladiator sandals were regarded something that was a part of the working man’s wardrobe, but this changed when celebrities of that era started wearing them on public events. This caught on and the renewed popularity of the thong sandal resulted in the popular term used for it today: Flip flops. 

From health risk to foot savior

Unfortunately the cheap gladiator sandals were also unsuitable for everyday use, and were mostly restrained to recreational places like beaches, or in and around the house. Prolonged usage could lead to foot pains and in serious cases even to deformities because of the continuous strain wearing the sandals put on the toes. Obviously this limited the use for the foot wear, to be worn only on brief occasions.
This changed when the cheap gladiator sandals, endured a makeover and heeled flip flops and sandals with arch support saw the light of day. Suddenly the footwear changed from being an occasional piece to wear to a suitable replacement for the regular shoes and boots during the hot summer months.
In fact this metamorphoses was so successful, that from a risky piece of foot wear the sandals became a serious alternative to the far more expensive orthopedic shoe, or boot. The improvements on the arch and heel sections, caused dramatic improvements in posture and actually aided the wearer in bringing relief for foot, back or knee pains. Obviously that made this type of foot wear even more popular.
One of the most important factors contributing to the continued success of these cheap gladiator sandals , is the fact that despite all the changes and improvements over the years, the footwear remains to be among the least expensive foot wear money can buy. Add to this the fact that flip flops can be purchased in just about and size, shape and color and it is really no surprise that the foot wear is as popular today by choice, as it was thousands of years ago out of necessity.

In short, the thong sandal or cheap gladiator sandal is and always will be among the popular foot wear that is considered to be “fashionable” and “trendy”, because of its diversity, inexpensiveness and health benefits. This makes it the foot wear of choice by the masses, and a pair of flip flops in one shape or another will always be a part of any man or woman’s wardrobe.

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