Flip Flops Wedding

Flip Flops Wedding

The bride and bridesmaids are all dressed up standing there at the front of the church and the ceremony seems to be taking forever. One thing that you can be sure of is that each and every one of those ladies just can’t wait to get out of there (including the bride!) to kick off those 5” heels and slip into something a bit more comfortable. Unfortunately, there is still that wedding reception to make it through and the thought of another five or six hours in these horribly uncomfortable shoes is almost more than they can handle. For this reason, there is a growing trend to wear flip flops wedding shoes throughout the rest of the day. The girls can all be comfortable enough to let their hair down and enjoy a good time.

Flip Flops Wedding Gifts for the Bridal Party

Knowing that this is going to be a problem, many brides have taken to ordering flip flops wedding gifts for the bridesmaids and maid of honor. It is customary to give the girls a thank-you gift at the rehearsal dinner the night before the ceremony, and there are a number of glitzy flip flops that come in velvet or satin bags which make them the perfect gift. Most often you can find them in colors that match their gowns so that they can be worn for the wedding reception and they will also have a fashionable pair of flip flops to wear other times throughout the year.

Choosing the Flip Flops with Just Enough Bling

Of course, you can’t get by with just any old pair of flip flops! You are looking for flip flops wedding attire with just enough bling to suit the occasion. While any pair of metallic, crystal or floral accented flip flops would do the job, you still might be at a loss of where to start when looking for the perfect sandals. Here are a few suggestions to get the ball rolling.

  • Lady Lanell’s Land & Sea flip flops in a variety of pastel colors with stones and crystal toe piece. There are seven different toe pieces to choose from including a heart which is absolutely perfect for flip flops wedding attire.
  • Lady Lanell’s Lady Rocks flip flops which are similar to the Land & Sea Collection with stones along the T-strap and a crystal toe piece, but in different colors which are much deeper and brighter than the pastels of Land & Sea.
  • Havaianas Slim Crystal Metalisse with authentic Swarovski crystals along the T-strap. The only limitation to this particular style is that the colors are limited to grey/silver and sand grey/light golden. However, those colors are neutral enough to go with literally any color bridal ensemble.
  • Isotoner ESNY Wedding Flip Flops with Satin Straps that are fashioned with seed beads, delicate satin bows or larger satin bows. These are the least expensive of the group and aren’t studded with crystals, and are only available in ivory or white, but lovely nonetheless.


Whether you are looking for the perfect gift to give those ladies who are standing up for you on your special day or are simply looking for the perfect footwear to help you make it through the rest of the day without suffering unnecessary foot discomfort, flip flop wedding sandals are perfect. This is just a small sampling of what is out there so get creative, and above all get comfortable so you can enjoy your special day.

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