Ivory Wedding Flip Flops

Ivory Wedding Flip Flops

Weddings are extremely special occasions, that are often once-in-a-lifetime events. So it would make sense then, to want every part of your outfit, including your flip flops to be perfect on that special day. Ivory wedding flip flops are the perfect footwear for an outdoor wedding in the spring, fall, or summer. Many brands that sell flip flops have a selection of flip flops that are colored Ivory and share the same characteristics. Brides commonly, wear Ivory wedding flip flops because they match the color and decor of the wedding dress perfectly. The following information examines why Ivory wedding flip flops have become so popular for weddings.

Design of Ivory Wedding Flip Flops

Wedding flip flops typically have raised heels that make the shoes resemble platform flip flops. The strap runs between the index and middle toes, and wraps around the wearer's foot, attaching to the front of raised heel. Many Ivory wedding flip flops have additional adornments such as flowers, butterflies, and other designs. The strap may have their own design as well, which greatly affects the aesthetic appearance of the shoe. Not all Ivory wedding flip flops have raised heels, as some of them are flat, and these kinds are more ideal for weddings on the sand. The sole of wedding flip flops usually are comprised of a foam composite material, which makes it more comfortable and easier to stand on your feet throughout a long wedding ceremony.

Price of Ivory Wedding Flip Flops

The price of Ivory wedding flip flops typically ranges from $15-$50, however, the cost can be much higher for designer brands or a custom tailored pair. The average price of a pair of wooden flip flops is about $38, however cheaper deals may be found by shopping around thoroughly online. Since weddings are usually costly events, some brides may want to save money by finding cheaper wedding flip flops, while others may want to wear expensive flip flops at an expensive wedding. In some cases, surprisingly, it may be possible to save a significant amount of money, while also purchasing a personalized pair of wedding flip flops from a local tailor, produced with custom materials and designs.

When to Wear Ivory Wedding Flip Flops

Ivory wedding flip flops are ideal for summer weddings on a beach, or spring weddings at a lake house, or an autumn wedding at a country club. It's best to wear comfortable flip flops at outdoor weddings because the ceremonies going to last several hours, and there will be a lot of standing and walking. Thus, it is important to select a pair that is suitable for your foot size and shape, and avoid flip flops with heels that have been raised excessively as these can cause leg cramps and possibly blisters. Ivory wedding flip flops are not just for the bride, they're ideal for any of the females at the wedding because they let the feet breathe and are easy to slide on and off.

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