Ivory Flip Flops for Wedding

Ivory Flip Flops For Wedding

Choosing the right apparel and footwear for a bride to wear at a wedding ceremony can be a tedious and daunting task to say the least. Brides are especially critical of their wedding dress, shoes, and jewelry, as this will be the main aesthetic focus on their wedding day. Ivory is a luxurious and historically divine color that is often associated with goddesses and mythical figures. It is no surprise then, that wedding ceremonies fully utilize this slightly off-white color in everything from the ceremony decorations to the apparel of the bride and groom. It is important to note that Ivory flip flops for wedding ceremonies are referred to as such because they consist of materials that have been painted or plated with the Ivory color, and are not actually comprised of the material Ivory, which is derived from the teeth or tusks of live animals. The following information outlines the various reasons why Ivory flip flops are so popular for weddings, and what you can expect to find when shopping for a pair.

What Do Ivory Flip Flops for Wedding Ceremonies Look Like?

Ivory flip flops for wedding ceremonies usually have raised heels, in order to emulate the appearance of high heels or other formal footwear. Although general wedding flip flops are distributed in a plethora of styles and design configurations, most of them are colored ivory and have soft fabric straps that cover the top of the foot or run snugly between the toes. Some Ivory flip flops for wedding ceremonies are basic sandals that have flat insoles and are more casual in appearance. These types of flip flops are generally more suitable for weddings on the beach, where platform flip flops would be undesirable for walking on the sand. Flat-footed wedding flip flops are also desirable for outdoor spring weddings in the grass, as it is easy to sprain an ankle with platform sandals on most outdoor surfaces.

How Much Do Ivory Flip Flops for Wedding Ceremonies Cost?

In general, you should be able to find a pair of Ivory flip flops for wedding ceremonies for about $10-$80, depending on a plethora of factors including the brand, model, size, retailer, and whether or not shipping and handling charges are incurred. Fortunately, wedding flip flops usually only weigh a couple of ounces and are therefore often sold with free shipping and handling, making the Internet a marketplace that is just as viable and affordable as a local shopping mall. The Internet is also home to the largest selection of every type of footwear, and it is possible to use the World Wide Web to contact manufacturers and custom tailors to have a personalized pair made for the most unique wedding possible.

When to Wear Ivory Flip Flops for Wedding Ceremonies

Ivory flip flops for wedding ceremonies are perfect for just about every wedding occasion, whether it be on the sand at the beach, or near a lake during the fall. Although some brides and grooms choose to go the unconventional route and wear colors other than white for their wedding, the mass majority of people would prefer an ivory-themed wedding. Ivory flip flops match the decor of a buttercream wedding cake and the rest of the wedding ceremony like no other footwear.

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