Flip Flop Fabric

Flip Flop Fabric

Flip flop, generally known as sandals or slippers, is a kind of footwear that is worn with enthusiasm during hot, summer days. It is designed as a flat sole that has two long strips held together by a single plastic coated rubber thong. The strap is in a Y-shape and the thickness of the strap varies with the design of the shoes. It is open footwear that provides no support to the ankle. The strap is either made of leather, plastic and in some cases with special flip flop fabric. The material is placed on a rubber or leather strap for stability. People now prefer to opt for oriental flip flop fabric as they are colorful, vibrant and at the same time beautiful.

How Flip Flops Came To Be

Flip flop fabric based outwear can be dated back to Japan, where women usually wore woven soled slippers that had hand crafted designs on them. The idea of flip flops came to United States and other countries during the early 1930s when military men came back from Japan. They introduced the shoes to be comfortable, airy and best for summer heat. It was also perfect for old age people who found it difficult to wear regular shoes.  Flip flops are now rampant all over the world, occupying a large market in Asia, where people prefer using this, over stuffy shoes.

Uses of Flip Flops

Flip flops are meant to be a casual wear and are widely popular in many parts of the world, where people use rubber flip flops as regular household footwear. However, the same design is also available in the form of expensive and elegant footwear. Expensive and extravagant flip flop fabric is used to design such footwear for special occasions and other formal parties. These shoes have thick straps that are handcrafted and have colorful beads, threads and shimmering plastic mirrors placed on them to make them into formal footwear. However, there is one worldwide common factor with this footwear; you cannot wear them to a company or a high profile office. It would be a provoking factor for sacking you away. The footwear, no matter how elegant is simply not meant for office use. Therefore, make sure you never make the mistake of wearing flip flops to your workplace.

Where To Get Flip Flops?           

 If you happen to be traveling to any part of Asia, you can easily get flip flops in all designs, donned by beautiful flip flop fabric, intricate embroidery craft and colorful patterns. The price of these flip flops would be exceptionally low (less than USD $ 1) than what you would get in US itself. If you live in the US, you can always go online and search for online flip flop websites where exquisite designs are put on display. You can choose your own flip flop fabric, have it designed and ordered right to your home.

Medical Concerns

With flip flops, there is one negative point which medics point out. The flips do not provide any ankle support at all and this causes ankle pain, ankle sprains and stubbed toes. Research also concludes that sore feet and short stride length were some of the common problems faced. Apart from all these concerns, some flip flops are now being designed addressing all these issues to give you the ankle support and comfort.

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