Flip Flops for Boys

Flip Flops for Boys

The ever popular tong sandals, which are often referred to as flip flops, are as old as mankind itself. Earliest civilizations used this type of footwear primarily, and mankind has used them for all kinds of purposes ever since. Flip flops are unisex footwear, which means they are suitable for the whole family; boys, girls women and men, but even if they were originally invented for use by all sexes, there was a time that this was not the case, and flip flops were perceived as being typical foot wear for girls, and flip flops for boys was something that was no longer socially accepted.

From unisex flip flops to girl foot wear, to unisex flip slops once again

Before and during the sixties the “unisex” aspect for this type of foot wear held true, but this changed during the seventies and flip flops turned in to a type of footwear, that was designed for girls and women. Flip flops for boys, though still available during that time period were hardly sold and this situation remained until the nineties, where the general consensus changed in regards to wearing flip flops and flip flops for boys where a socially acceptable phenomena once again.

Distinct differences between flip flops for boys and for girls

This does not mean that boys and men will go out wearing just any kind of flip flops, when at the stores it becomes immediately clear which type of sandal was designed with women, and which one was designed with men in mind. Flip flops for boys typically contain flashy logos, and colors like pink or lime green are avoided and are a bit more limited in shape then flip flops for girls, which typically are in bright colors and can have all sorts of decorations to make them trendy looking.

Unisex restored

Today, flip flops have come a long way when compared to the ones we used to see in the sixties. While the original “V” shaped footwear is still available, there are now a wide variety of sandals that all fall in to the flip flops category. Some with heels, others come with all kinds of gadgets, and prints and logos are more of a rule then the exception. This has once again made flip flops for boys a common sight at the beach, on camping trips and at swimming pools, but also in general street wear, as many flip flops types now also come with heels, which makes them suitable for regular usage just like shoes and boots

Thanks to the amazing development of flip flops throughout the years, they have remained a timeless trendy fashionable type of foot wear, and thanks to those same developments the thong sandals have once again reclaimed their status of being a true “unisex” type of foot wear which is suitable for the whole family and it looks like this trend has gone way past hype and rage. Flip flops for boys, men , girls and women are here to stay for many years to come!

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