Girls Flip Flops

Girls Flip Flops

Walk Your Way in Style with Girls Flip Flops


Flip Flops are a type of footwear that is very comfortable and easy to wear. Their basic design is of the type of the sole loosely attached to the foot of the wearer by a strap between the first and second toe with the other side of the strap being looped around either side of the foot of the wearer. Flip flops are popular among people of every age, girls not being and exception. Girls flip flops are available as a separate category other than the unisex versions available and are quite popular among girls looking to buy footwear at a low price and as a casual wear.


Flip Flops are a very popular type of footwear all across the country because they are available cheap yet are very comfortable considering the price. Comfort and simplicity but not at the cost of being stylish seems to be the keyword of the flip flop. Girls flip flops are considered to be appropriate for outdoor or casual wear as well as well as may be for a day out on the beach. They are used by girls, from kids to teenagers.

Build and Quality of Flip Flops

Girls flip flops as well as all other types of flip flops employ the same base design in case of structure, which is the strap and sole, although the execution to achieve that structure, that is the designs and the shapes of the flip flops varies between different manufacturers. The material used for the sole is usually rubber as it is soft and comfortable for the feet along with being resistant to wear. Leather is also sometimes used although less common than rubber. Certain brands of flip flops such as those by Crocs have the base material as foam which is extremely comfortable. Girls flip flops usually come in bright colorful designs and beading or other types of embellishments.


Flip Flops are generally considered to be a cost effective solution for your footwear needs. Cheap flip flops for girls can cost less than $5 to $10. With Crocs, Old Navy, Havaianas being the standard makers for girls flip flops the prices can be in the range of $15 to about $30. Even certain designer flip flops for girls do not cost a staggeringly high amount. Tory Burch flip flops for girls are available from $40 to $60. What ever may be the manufacturer, flip flops are always an inexpensive option in footwear.

Availability and Retailers

Girls flip flops are available widely in the every footwear store owing to their popularity. They are also available online in various websites selling footwear and may be available at discounted prices. Though designer footwear target women more than teenage girls or children, the available types of designer flip flops are available in shops which sell designer footwear or on the franchisee stores and websites of the designers themselves. As with other types of flip flops, availability is not an issue owing to their demand and popularity.

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