Arch Support Flip Flops

Arch Support Flip Flops

Arch support for flip flops, turned the tide for the popular sandal, and changed it from an occasional piece of footwear, to an everyday type, suitable for all intents and purposes. It also transformed the sandal from a health risk into a healthy type of foot wear that brings relief instead of causing foot pains.

Developing  flip flops with arch support

Flip flops used to be considered only suitable for use for short periods of time in and around the house or for recreational activities, like using flip flops to wear at beaches and around swimming pools. Prolonged wearing of this shoe type, could lead to serious foot pain, or even worse foot injuries, like deformities caused by excessive strain on the toe area.
While flip flops have been a popular type of foot fashion, ever since the mid sixties, the use for this type of sandal remained rather limited, due to the above.  This obviously held it back in terms of popularity as well. Over the years the typically “V” shaped sandal has been transformed and basically been re-invented, leading to heeled flip flops and flip flops with arch support.

Flip flops back in to spot lights

Especially arch support for flip flops has caused a turn around, and put the trendy type of foot wear back into the spotlights, because now it was suitable for everyday use, and just as comfortable as regular shoes and boots.  Of course, the fact that flip flops are muss less expensive than those shoes and boots, also added greatly to their popularity.
Arch support for flip flops, has solved the problem of excessive strain on toes and heels, and has resulted in several patented types of arch support that actually improve posture, bring relief in cases of back, knee of heel pains and are overall healthier because in addition to the absence of strain, they also allow the feet to breathe.
In fact arch support for flip flops has turned out so successful that many health care professionals now approve and recommend them to their patients as well as their employees.
With arch support for flip flops, the only limitation was the seasonal use of the foot wear, but that too has been put to rest with the introduction of flip flops socks allowing the wearer to continue to wear them even during the cold winter months.
In short, flip flops have come a long way, with many enhancements perfecting the inexpensive piece of footwear, making it a part of most wardrobes of men and women alike. However, it was the introduction of arch support for flip flops that made all of this possible, because that was the invention that turned the sandal from occasional footwear into regular street wear suitable for all daily activities.

This being said, flip flops remain the timeless fashionable foot wear they have always been throughout the ages, and since its popularity started to rise during the sixties, its popularity keeps on increasing, with no end in sight any time soon.

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