Flip Flops Arch Support

Flip Flops Arch Support

Since the dawn of mankind thong sandals have been around, and they lasted until today, but are currently better known as flip flops. Over the years the popular sandal has gone through a variety of changes. Changes in shape, materials used to manufacture them as well as all kinds of additions for decorative purposes. Even though all of these changes made improvement to the sandal, none of them has been as important to its increasing popularity then the invention of flip flops arch support. In fact it lifted almost all limitations the original sandal had, and paved the way to every day casual use.

A matter of health

flip flops arch support contributed greatly in making the sandal suitable for everyday use. While the original thong sandals and the well known “V” shaped variety we all know as the classic flip flops design both placed a lot of strain on the feet, to a point where it could lead to foot pains, bad posture and in extreme cases to deformities from placing too much strain on the toes, the addition of arch support to the sandal remedied all of this, and suddenly there was no more strain, and the foot wear was actually aiding it’s wearer in preventing foot injuries, as well as being a means to bring relief in varies cases of back, knee and heel pains.  Today, medical professionals even recommend sandals with arch support as a preferred type of foot wear.

Heeled flip flops

As a side effect the addition of arch support for flip flops also brought forth another type of sandal we now all know as the heeled flip flops. This variety also providing a healthy dose of arch support is currently one of the most popular types of sandal money can buy. Obviously heeled flip flops are most popular among women and girls, yet a small collection also exists for men and boys.
Flip flops arch support in combination with all the other added improvements turned the sandal into the popular wardrobe addition it is today, and it is safe to say that flip flops are among the most popular types of foot wear anywhere. Flip flops are inexpensive, yet fashionable and thanks to flip flops arch support now healthy to wear for every day usage. It is now just as healthy to walk on sandals all day long, as it is wearing regular shoes or boots.
Especially during the summer months flip flops are very popular as it is one of the few foot wear types that will allow the feet to breathe, and they match well with just about any type of clothing, which makes them a fashionable asset to any wardrobe.

While every aspect mentioned above has contributed significantly to the popularity of the sandal, it was flip flops arch support that turned matters around for the foot wear. It is safe to say that the sandal would not be nearly as popular as it is today, had it not been for this innovation.

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