Toning Flip Flops

Toning Flip Flops

Flip flops are worn so widely these days that you can’t help but have more than one pair in your closet. Some flip flops are so uniquely designed with rubber soles, nubuck leather, EVO bedding, sock lining that they seem like an engineered shoe construction to make available comfort, dryness and style to its wearer.

Companies have made millions out of selling flip flops to people. It is true that flip flops emerged as casual beachwear in the 60’s and 70's when companies copied the Japanese and Mexican designs and brought them to the Western beach. The best thing is, they will always be more comfortable than boots, heels, and leather shoes and still look stylish.

The Idea

The fact that flip flops are worn so widely has led to their advanced design which now included ‘Toning flip flops’. As the name suggests Toning flip flops were invented to tone the overall shape of the body by emphasizing on the legs, thighs and butts. You can go and take a walk around town and feel cool and good about your whole physical being, wearing these Toning flip flops. They are meant to burn calories and shape up your body.

The Science

Toning flip flops claim to engage gluteus maxims muscles present on the heel strike. They will help you in improving your posture while walking and standing. They also aid in controlling foot ‘pronation’ and hip and knee rotation in their respective joints. The pelvis will be kept in a neutral position to benefit your body from ankles to your shoulders. Anyone who suffered from severe muscular injuries and resulting imbalance will be able to tell you how the gluteus maxims helps you regain balance. Here are a few types that are available in the market:

  • MBT: the ‘anti-shoe- with a curved sole offering instability, Van Osten suggests that they should be used for walking, weight training and jogging on a treadmill.
  • Chung Shi: Dressy and casual shoes are aware to disguise the rocker bottom.
  • Sketchers Shape-ups and Tone-ups: the former are sneakers and casual shoes while the latter offers sandals and flip flops. The feet in these Toning flip flops feel as if you are walking on the beach even at home.
  • Reebok Easy Tone: The “balance pods” target 23 areas- gluteus, calves, and hamstrings. Shaped like casual wear, these Toning flip flops burn calories and make you feel you are on a Pilate ball.

Should you try Toning Flip Flops?

As with any new invention on the block that tries to pinch the customary ideas about weight loss and other body aspects, toning shoes since its first advent into the market have received criticism from all around. Experts say that it may end up harming your muscles and body if worn for long. Others wonder, how do Toning flip flops shape up the body without making you sweat, burning fat, affecting your diet etc? Even then, many people have jumped on the idea and thought, there’s no harm in trying. As long as there’s no ‘radical’ change in walk or any prominent side effects, you can try Toning flip flops too.

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