Black Flip Flops

Black Flip Flops

Time and again we are told that black is a neutral color that goes with literally any other color as well as with any style of clothing. Never is this statement truer than when it comes to black flip flops. Since this is a type of footwear that is often worn with bright summer clothing, you will never need to worry whether or not your shoes will match your outfit. Whether you are wearing bright orange, yellow, purple, green or any other color, black flip flops will always go well, especially if you choose a fashionable designer pair.

North Face Men's Half Dune Flip-Flop

Most often North Face is renowned for winter outdoor clothing, but they do have a wonderful pair of post hike black flip flops that are absolutely perfect after a day out on the trail. The Men’s North Face Half Dune is a perfect flip flop sandal that can be worn for everyday comfort or after a particularly strenuous walk. The anatomical arch support is just what is called for and the EVA midsole adds cushion to each and every step. This amazing black flip flop retails for $21.95.

Islands for Men by Sanuk

Known as a one of Sanuk’s beer cozies, this comfortable and trendy pair of black flip flops is ridiculously soft and comfortable. The detail on the strap is of the Hawaiian Island chain, and like every pair of flip flops manufactured by Sanuk they are as durable as they are fashionable. Available in sizes 7 through 13, this pair of shoes retails for $36.00.

Women’s Twilight by Reef

Don’t believe that women can’t wear black in the summer either. For so many years we were programmed to think that white is for summer and black is for winter, but how times have changed. This particular flip flop is lightweight and built for comfort as well as style. The sponge rubber outsoles are flexible while providing a good deal of traction. The MSRP on this pair is also $36.00 which is a great buy for a shoe that feels so great against the delicate skin of your foot.

Roxy New Wave for Women

While so many black flip flops are simply crafted with rubber, the Roxy New Wave has a suede upper that feels so soft against the soles of your feet that you will feel like you are literally standing on a cloud. The New wave has the signature logo accents with a nylon thong. The traction on the outsole is patterned and the heel is 3/4” in height. Retailing at $28.50 you are likely to find that this is one of the best buys for that price.

No longer do we relegate black to those long, cold winter days but can be seen fashionably wearing black footwear any time of the year. Black flip flops are quite trendy and literally every major footwear designer has at least half a dozen styles in black. You can never have too many pair of flip flops so add at least one pair of black flip flops to your summer wardrobe.

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