Gold Flip Flops

Gold Flip Flops

In an age where bling bling is the hot fashion item, the color of gold and in a lesser capacity silver rules the scene. Gold flip flops come in several shapes and types, so it is important to know what a prospective buyer means when he or she asks for them as the term gold flip flops or gold sandals are used for both gold colored and gold decorated foot wear of this type.

Gold colored flip flops

The thing that comes to mind first are gold colored flip flops. This type of sandal can be manufactured in just about any color, so therefore the existence of gold and silver colored sandals is no surprise, however there are other types of flip flops that can be referred to when asking for gold flip flops, which is the type that comes with decorative pieces made from real gold and in some cases even diamonds.

Decorated gold flip flops

This type of footwear usually comes in a neutral color and is decorated with gold jewelry. Most of the time the decorations used are pendants and some are a combination of gold colored flip flops with an added golden flip flop pendant, or multiple pendants, made from real gold in the regular or white variety. This type of decoration can also be purchased ready for use with any pair of regular flip flops. Online stores like offer silver and golden flip flop pendants at prices between $45 and $200, depending on the fact whether the pendant is created from plated gold, diamonds enhanced or white gold, where the white gold variety is the most expensive one.

Prices of gold flip flops

Pricing of this type of foot wear depends on what is meant with the term “gold flip flops”. Typically gold colored flip flops are available at prices ranging from $20 to $55, while gold decorated flip flops can cost as much as $200 per pair.

Needless to say that gold decorated flip flops may make a great addition to any wardrobe, they are not suitable for the typical use of sandals on beaches or other recreational events because of their value they would be a hot item for thieves who frequent the public recreational spots.

Gold decorated flip flops are most suitable for special events or a night on the town, because they walk just as comfortable as any pair of flip flops out there, they just look better. It is best and safest to only wear this type of sandal when it is certain they  will not be taken off until the wearer arrives back to the safety of her home.

Of course this only goes for gold decorated flip flops. Gold colored sandals can just as easily be used at beaches as they are suitable to compliment an outfit for a special occasion. Just like any other type of sandal gold flip flops can be purchased in all types. There are heeled varieties, and almost all of them come with arch support.

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