Colorful Flip Flops

Colorful Flip Flops

Flip flops are perhaps the most popular footwear during the summer and spring seasons, as they provide the perfect comfort for long days at the pool or beach. Both of these seasons are known for being full of vibrant colors, so it is not surprising that the sale of colorful flip flops increases during these times. It’s hard to find a pair of matching socks to go with a pair of multi-colored flip flops, but surprisingly, there are even colorful flip flop socks available that conform to the shape of your toes!

Colors for the Season

Colorful flip flops match perfectly with summer bathing suits, swim trunks, and the overall decor of the season, and are therefore the best choice for anyone looking to buy a pair of comfortable and stylish sandals for their vacation. Aside from the spring and summer months, the autumn months provide a colorful environment that is perfect for colorful flip flops, as long as you're in a climate that is warm year-round, like Southern California or South Florida. The most popular colors seen in flip flops during the summer and spring are blue, yellow, red, green, pink, orange and 'hot' colored variations of the aforementioned colors. Popular designs include flowers, color streaks, rainbows, mosaics, and colorful gems. A single walk down a  tourist filled beach will give you an idea of what to look for in a pair of colorful flip flops.

Popular Colorful Flip Flops

Old Navy flip flops are always amongst the most popular during the spring and summer seasons, and for good reason – they're cheap, brightly colored, and can be bought in bulk for discounts. Colin Staurt also makes colorful flip flops that have become insanely popular during the past couple of years. Nautical Skip Bow Eva flip flops are also on the best seller's list this year, along with Ugg Flare Flip Flops. Even unbranded colorful flip flops from the dollar store frequently sell out during the summer months.  Multi-colored flip flops are sold by nearly every major flip flop producer in the world, so finding a pair to fit your style and preferences should be fairly simple.

How to Choose a Pair of Colorful Flip Flops

In general, the best way to choose a pair of colorful flip flops is to buy a pair that matches your outfit perfectly. Since flip flops are relatively inexpensive, you can buy several pairs to match each of your favorite summer outfits, rather than purchasing one expensive pair that will be bland in comparison. Look for flip flop-outfit combinations that are sold together, as these tend to have matching logos and colors, and provide better deals than purchasing the flip flops and outfit separately. It is also more difficult to find multi-colored flip flops that will match a multi-colored outfit perfectly – yet another reason to look for combo deals. Other than the aforementioned tips, the process of choosing a pair of colorful flip flops should be left up to your imagination and preference.

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