Ivory Flip Flops

Ivory Flip Flops

Ivory is hot, especially when it comes to weddings and other types of receptions or public functions, and the ever popular flip flops make a great addition to any outfit meant to be worn at the occasion in question. This puts ivory flip flops in high demand as an inexpensive yet fashionable and trendy asset complimentary to any outfit, which will ensure the wearer will be fashionable as well as comfortable during the event..

Ivory flip flops on weddings

As a rule of thumb the typical bridal shoes often are uncomfortable, and since they are worn only once in most cases there is no time to “break them in”. An exception to this rule are flip flops which through arch support are comfortably worn immediately from the start. This fact makes them very suitable for events like weddings or any other function where white is usually worn.

Another reason why ivory flip flops are in high demand for weddings is the fact that Ivory white is a very neutral color, intended to compliment the outfit or wedding dress, and won’t pull away attention to the dress. Ivory footwear is neutral and blends in with the outfit worn instead of attracting the eyeballs.

This leaves room for the outfit or wedding dress to do its job, which is attract the attention, and leaves the supporting role to the ivory sandals.

A pair of flip flops for all tastes

Whether the wearer of the sandals is a “low foot wear” or heel type of person, there are flip flops available to cater to both tastes, which again makes them the perfect solution at weddings and other occasions. Add to this the fact that flip flops are among the least expensive foot wear available and it is no surprise that they are amongst the most popular types of footwear to be worn on occasions like weddings and other reception type of events.

Ivory flip flops, just like any other type of sandal can be obtained in simple shapes, but also with decorations, to set the wearer apart from the rest of the crowd.

Overall, ivory flip flops are an ideal solution to wear instead of the traditionally uncomfortable wedding shoes. They are comfortable to wear from the start, come in all shapes and types, and the neutral ivory white will ensure they blend in with the outfit instead of attracting all the attention.

The added fact that Ivory flip flops can be obtained in price ranges between $ 15 and $60 makes them suitable for any budget, which can be a huge asset when planning a wedding which is an expensive endeavor to begin with.

If the goal is to find a pair of wedding shoes that will present the wearer in style, while ensuring comfort, ivory flip flops are by far the choice of bridal foot wear. However, for best results it is wise to purchase the flip flops half a size larger than the actual shoe size for the most comfortable wear.

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