Bottle Opener Flip Flops

Bottle Opener Flip Flops

The fact that flip flops come in all sorts and sizes isn’t a big secret. Less well known is the fact  that some pairs of flip flops come with all kinds of gadgets, like decorations, led-lights and other attributes. The most famous ones being bottle opener flip flops ,which make popular gifts on birthdays and other occasions, and are quite functional at beaches and swimming pools.

Who manufactures bottle opener flip flops

The brand best known to supply bottle opener flip flops is Reef, and besides the fact that a bottle opener is incorporated into the sandal, it is actually a very comfortable type of foot wear, which ads support to the arch and heel, which makes them actually healthy to wear. They are far from being only a funny gadget.
A bottle opener may be perceived as being a strange addition to incorporate into a piece of footwear, yet it can come in quite handy on several occasions. Especially when flip flops are concerned, which are still largely considered to be a type of recreational foot wear and are mainly used at beaches, during camping events  and around swimming pools. Those usually are also occasions that involve drinking and therefore the bottle opener flip flops have been known to come in handy during those types of events.
In order to illustrate the success of this type of foot wear gadget: Some even regard the bottle opener flip flops to be the “Swiss army knife” of flip flops.

Gadgets in foot wear

bottle opener flip flops may be a successful gadget, the main attraction is still the fact that besides the added functionality it is still a comfortable pair of foot wear, which is pleasant to walk in, yet provides support in places where it counts. This lifts the strain from the toes, an area typically a source for foot pain while wearing basic flip flops. However. Since Reef bottle opener flip flops come with arch support, that is no longer a concern.
Reef slap sandals, as they are called are not the cheapest of sandals, yet not the most expensive either. Typically a pair of bottle opener flip flops come in the $45 ranges, which still make them suitable for most budgets. The sandals are available in most surf shops and sports stores throughout the country, which makes them easy to come by.

Overall, adding gadgets to flip flops is fun, yet seldom very effective in terms of functionality or even increased sales for the store owner. The exception to the rule are bottle opener flip flops which are quite functional, yet still very comfortable to wear. Knowing that this gadget is the only one that has been really successful some might argue that a bottle opener is the only item suitable to go well with a pair of flip flops.  Whether this is fact or not, remains to be seen. Fact remains that with the bottle opener slap sandal Reef has delivered a rock solid sandal, which actually has added functionality thanks to the added bottle opener.

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