Jeweled Flip Flops

Jeweled Flip Flops

Trendy foot wear will be seen all around flocking shoe stores in hip colors, designs, patterns, and sizes. From slippers to slip-ons, joggers, skate shoes, high heels, platforms, flip flops, pumps and the list goes on. Even then girls keep looking for shoes that are unique in style and designs for every occasion.

The Tradition

Jeweled flip flops are becoming a rage these days. The idea has been taken by the royal traditions of servants making sandals for the royal family adorning them with precious and semi-precious jewels. Today’s era carries forward this tradition after a long gap. In the present scenario, jeweled flip flops were seen on the ramp by a creative designer who picked up this royal tradition, showed it on the ramp as jeweled flip flop collection and earned name out of it. From then on the frenzy got the people hooked on to it.

Why Jeweled Flip Flops?

It is true that flip flops started as proper beachwear way back in the 1960’s but they have crept into our homes as casual wear and are even seen on the streets. Men, women, kids, and teenagers are seen wearing them around all the time. Everybody knows how much women love jewelries. Increased piercing is a result of this age-old love and with necklines and belts being adorned with jewels, flip flops are catching on with the fever. With the rise of outdoor parties and weddings –away from the formal settings- jeweled flip flops are gaining popularity. With the excitement for jeweled flip flops among women of all classes, designers have realized the demand and stared making them affordable by using plastic jewels and beads.

The Jeweled Ways!

Rhinestone flip flops are one type of jeweled flip flops that adorn the feet of women esp. brides and prom queen. Yes! Brides who go for a beach wedding want to have comfortable yet, very attractive high flip flops and the rhinestones are perfect to capture everyone’s attention. Teenage girls love to wear beaded and jeweled flip flops to proms and college functions just to show off.

Another great way to be remembered for your choice of jeweled flip flops is to gift them to your loved ones. Your girlfriend may have a fetish for shoes, but you may feel a little odd gifting her footwear. Jeweled flip flops solve this hitch and you can gift them with pride. The glittering jeweled flip flops will surely capture your beloved friend’s heart.

The best thing about jeweled flip flop is that unlike other decorated sandals, high heels, and pumps it gives you more comfort and relieves your feet of any stress for long walks with its rubber soles. Some jeweled flip flops come with EVO soles, biochemically designed foot bed and other construction technique to make sure they remain comfortable for all kind of surfaces- roads, hills, garden, beaches etc. However, make sure you don’t have heavy jewels for tougher outdoors or hard walks as they may become uncomfortable or the jewels might come off.

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