Summer Flip Flops

Summer Flip Flops


Flip flops are a type of sandal intended to wear on bare feet. This makes them especially popular during the summer months, when it is hot and feeling fresh air on your feet brings relief. Even with accessories, like flip flop socks that theoretically makes them suitable in winter as well, summer remains the season for flip flops in general. This is not merely an observation at the beach, this is a fact that can be shown by how the market responds to summer and flip flops.

Pricing during the seasons

This can for example; be seen by the prices. Even with the fact that flip flops are among the most inexpensive types of footwear available they are usually more expensive during spring and summer, then they are during fall and winter.  Further proof of this is the fact that there usually is a sale on flip flops immediately after summer.  In short summer and flip flops are destined to go hand in hand: When they are popular and in high demand during spring and summer prices are high, while demand for them drops during fall and winter, so prices drop.
This fact should come as no surprise, because traditionally flip flops were usually worn at beaches and swimming pools, which also are typical summer events and activities. However, with recent innovations on flip flops, like; arch support the uses for flip flops have increased a hundred fold. Where flip flops once were limited to recreational use and for use in and around the house, they are now suitable for day to day wear and activities. Those innovations turned the foot wear into a summer sandal for all intents and purposes. Thanks to better support for arch, and heel, summer flip flops do no longer threaten the health of the wearer’s feet by prolonged usage, in fact they now add to this health by ensuring good posture and eliminating strains on the toes. This fact is recognized by many specialists in the field, and flip flops now are often recommended during treatments for back and knee pains in order to provide relief, which is a perfect example on just how far innovations regarding flip flops have come.

A change in how we use flip flops?

With the introduction of flip flop socks we may very well be looking at a major change. The socks already are catching on in western countries and if they become even more common to use in combination with sandals we could very well be looking at complete lines of summer flip flops and winter flip flops from several of the well known brands

Whether or not this will come to pass depends greatly on how popular the flip flops socks are going to become, but for now summer and flip flops are typically linked to each other. One thing is for sure: Where flip flops are concerned we live in interesting times, where significant changes in the usage of sandals may be just around the corner, that will change the way we use them forever. 

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