Dressy Flip Flops

Dressy Flip Flops

Do you still remember those stylish flip flops you used to wear when you were a kid? They are back, and this time they are back with even more style. You can now rock any casual outfit with your dressy flip flops. These are not your common summer flip flops, which are worn on beaches and outdoors. These are the flip flops with sequins, beads, jewels and ornamented straps that add flair to your dress. With these flip flops, color is not a problem; whatever be the color or shade that you want, you can have them because of the wide choice they are available in. Furthermore, you can get dressy flip flops to go with any and every cocktail dress. Here we tell you the how’s and how-to’s of dressy flip flops.

Why Dressy Flip Flops

Flip flops are simple, and their simplicity lends itself to not only comfort in the form of ventilation for your feet, but also low price. If you take the most basic form of flip flops, they are just a sole that is held to the feet by a strap which looks like a thong. In fact, in some places flip flops are called thongs!  They are also called chappals, sandals, jandals, zoris, pluggers, double pluggers – and a host of other names showing us how popular the world over they are.
With their simple construction, they lend themselves also to ornamentation. Making them dressier is quite easy, because their straps act as a base over which designers can add jewels, sequins and more. These straps can be colorful, and made out of different materials like fur or suede. Even the base can be made with somewhat higher heels, which will add one more dimension to your dress. When made in such manner, they are also referred to as sandals.

Making them Dressier

If you are interested in making your own style of flip flop, it could not be easier. All you need is a base with straps, and the materials that you want to add to them. Many stores have blank slate flip flops, or if they do not, just choose a very basic model that has the right color and build. Then you can add jewels, gems and flowers of your choice to it to make them more glamorous. If you are so inclined, you can even paint them a color or colors of your choice to go with that blue dress of yours.

Buying Dressy Flip Flops

You can also get your dressy sandals in many retailing stores. We suggest you go with brands and designers that are known for the quality and styles of their dressy flip flops.  These are some of our suggestions:

    • Jack Rogers sandals are some of the more beautiful ones you will see. With prices starting at $96, they are not cheap, but for the quality you are getting, they are not costly either
    • Skemo Sandals are definitely worth a check out. And a checkout online!
    • Crocs too have a collection of designer dressy flip flops
    • Hugo Boss Choose your own style from among the classy dressy flip flops that they have.

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