Brazilian Flip Flops

Brazilian Flip Flops

Flip flops are of all times, and have been on the rise in popularity ever since they were renamed from thong sandals to flip flops during the mid sixties. While this type of sandal is as old as mankind itself, they appear to do especially well in Brazilian countries. In fact Brazilian flip flops make up a large part of the market. Even though flip flops are worn and equally popular in all western countries in the world, the bulk of them is produced in Brazil.

Havaianas flip flops

The largest brand manufacturing flip flops without a doubt is Havaianas. Their sandals are legendary and are sold everywhere in the world in shoe stores, sports stores, surf shops and many other places where sandals are sold. Online Havaianas is equally well represented, with almost every online store that sells flip flops offering the Brazilian flip flops in their collection.
Havaianas has become synonym for Brazilian flip flops and they have special lines and models for men, women and children, as well as a limited edition line. Brazilian flip flops are affordable for anyone who wants them. A pair of Havaianas can be obtained for as little as $9.95, while their most expensive item sells in the $60 ranges.

The Brazilian assortment

Brazilian flip flops come in all types, ranging from heeled sandals to the classic “V” shape slippers. The sandals come with and without arch support, and are available in all colors, shapes, even decorated varieties.
For children there is a special super hero line of Brazilian flip flops with prints on them of Batman, Superman and other DC comics heroes. This line is specifically created for infants, which is a perfect example of the detail and care that goes into creating the sandals.
The above is a far from complete selection of the large assortment of Brazilian flip flops available through the Havaianas collections but is suitable to give an impression on what is out there at very reasonable prices.
Over time Brazil and other south American countries have become a large part of the market in terms of manufacturing flip flops for the general public. Many innovations come from Brazilian companies which includes all the recent innovations, like: Arch support, heeled flip flops and of course decorated flip flops.
Brazilian flip flops have become a vital part of the total assortment of flip flops and to this day remains a string hold on the market. Based on the quality of Brazilian flip flops this is a good thing, and one that will remain this way for a long time to come. This does not imply that the only good sandals come from Brazil, but they are a force to be reckoned with thanks to the fact that Brazilian flip flops are affordable, high quality and come with a large selection of any kind of sandal.

Whether or not this remains this way in the future of course remains to be seen, but for the immediate future it does not look like it will change any time soon.

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