Cute Flip Flops

Cute Flip Flops

Flip flops have become very trendy in the past decade. They are no longer reserved for just the party or beach since the first flip flops made their way on the Pairs runway. From the beaches to garden weddings to formal dances, cute flip flops rule the footwear choice.

Flip Flops History

They can be manufactured at low cost with plastic and rubber and even made at home for daywear. Some countries even manufacture flip flops with cheap recycled rubber from automobile tires. This makes the price go very low. Japan has epitomized this footwear. The West started hanging on to Japanese zori after World War II when Japanese zori were brought on town by servicemen. In 1960s, they became largely produced in the US and were initially used as beachwear.

Flip Flops at Present

Initially the flip flops were only for kids in bright, splashy colors. Not only those cute flip flops have been exaggerated with animal characters –beaks and paws- flowers, buttons and cartoons tamps- they have been upgraded to take in the parents as well.

Teenagers have become fashion conscious in today’s world even before walking out of school. They would be seen frequently in attractive flip flops, looking cute and trendy at the same time. Girls even wear flip flops to proms. The cute flip flop look can be changed into savvy and sophisticated with deeper tones, sequins, lace, high flip flops, leather, or knotted straps etc.

What to Look For

Cute flip flops reign supreme as kids’ choice. Animal and cartoon character can be printed on them or the whole sole, strap and toe holder can be designed to represent an animal, tree, fruit etc. Cute flip flops even have electronic sounds and lights which play when pressed hard. When choosing flip flops for kids, make sure that they are safe, durable, and washable as the kids go around running and jumping exposing them to lot of wear and tear. The material for casual flip flops at home should always be plastic or rubber or any other washable material that doesn’t lose shape.

Cute flip flops for your little kids can be arranged with a sock (with toes) to keep those little feet warm. Socks with designs and colors to match or contrast the cute flip flops will make it really easy for your kids to wear them throughout the day. You can forget the tension of running behind them with socks and shoes as they would love to wear their flip flops with matching socks themselves.

How to Get Them

Cute flip flops can be made at home with a fishing needle, lace, plastic sheets, lace, cording, buttons, and foam sheet. If you are creative you can easily get hold of these accessories in colors of your choice or cut them to make designs and then use hot glue to stick them together. The needle comes for stitching laces, cords and the straps to the sole.

Cute flip flops are available at discount stores, kids’ stores, and online stores. Choose the style and color for yourself or with your kids besides you, so that you both settle on a pair of cute flip flops that you love.

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