Decorated Flip Flops

Decorated Flip Flops

Flip flops, also known as thong sandals have come a long way, from the well known “V” shaped model used in and around the house, to heeled and wedge flip flops. Today, flip flops come in all sizes, shapes and colors and perhaps most important; they come with all kinds of decorations. Those decorated flip flops can be purchased in stores, but decorating flip flops is also something that can easily be done by the owner of the pair.

Why decorate flip flops

While every person can have his or her own personal reasons for purchasing decorated flip flops, or decorate his or her own, in general only a few main reasons apply.

  • Team spirit
    Decorating flip flops in the colors of your team is a great way of showing support
  • Special occasions
    This is usually done for weddings. Buying decorated bridal flip flops is of course an option, but fairly easy to do yourself, saving money in the process.
  • To stimulate creativity
    This activity is done with children where decorating the flip flops is part of the creative development of the children involved.

Materials used to create decorated flip flops

For decorating flip flips all kinds of materials can be used, but in general ribbons, lace, feathers and beads are used to brighten up the sandals. This can be done for fun, but also in order to spice up a regular pair of flip flops and transform it into a trendy asset to go with a specific outfit.

Purchasing decorated flip flops

Stores selling decorated flip flops generally offer a wide variety of them in different colors and type of sandals. Usually they come in various styles. In general this type of sandal usually is only slightly more expensive than regular flip flops but this would also depend largely on the materials used to create them. Obviously a pair of flip flops manufactured from wood and leather is going to be more expensive then flip flops created out of foam and rubber. The decorations used on the flip flops usually have little bearing on the cost of the foot wear at the store. The exception being flip flops that come with popular logos and brands on them, which are generally more expensive due to the popular brand name connected to it. It can be compared to purchasing Nike shoes in comparison to the same type of shoe of an unknown brand,

Flip flops are by far the most successful foot wear the fashion industry has to offer. It’s timeless presence throughout all time periods is proof that flip flops are beyond hype and trends. Decorated flip flops make for the ultimate addition to any outfit or ensemble. Especially flip flops enhanced with types of jewelry are hot at the moment, but also lace and ribbons are often used to decorate the sandals. No matter if regular flip flops, or decorated ones are used, flip flops remain a fashionable asset to any wardrobe, and one almost anyone can afford.  

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