Flower Flip Flops

Flower Flip Flops

The developing countries saw popularity for flip flops very early. The main reason being that flip flops require just 1 plain sole and 2 straps and can be produced and sold cheaply. Men, women, and kids wear flip flops casually in homes and even on parties these days.

How to Choose

Flower flip flops are pretty vibrant in color and material and therefore perfect footwear for kids. When choosing flower flip flops for kids make sure that safety is there in the construction- enough to sustain the pressure of running, jumping and twisting. Go for non-skid soles. Also if you have both babies and kids at home, avoid flip flops with sequins, rhinestones or buttons because kids will drop them around and forget to pick them up, while your baby might!

Flower flip flops must be durable and washable as they go through a lot of wear and tear. For this reason choose tough fabrics with rubber soles that can be washed without losing color and quality.

Show your Love

If you are a creative mother or just plain full of love for your kids (who isn’t anyways) then show them care and make them proud of your creativity by making flower flip flops at home. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Decorate the sides with permanent markers making flowers, characters, faces etc.
  • In the same style as used for T-shirts, use an iron to copy (transfer) a floral pattern onto the plastic straps (or base) with care.
  • Get your own favorite rhinestone beads, buttons, plastic flowers, and frills for your little girl. Use a hot glue gun to stick them on permanently. She would just love her decorated flip flops.
  • Go for the extra step and decorate the edge with cords and hook needles used in sewing fish nets. Wear a protective glove. Secure the cording through the needle’s eye and then start stitching along the edges of your kids flip flops. The hook needle easily pushes into the foam body. Within 10-15 minutes your personalized flower flip flops will be ready.
  • Fabric flowers are perfect to decorate the flip flops. A dime-size blob from a hot glue gun can be used to glue in the fabric stem. One large daisy or sun flower is enough to give it a vibrant look. You can even line up delicate violets on the sides.

Kids’ Parties

If you are celebrating your girl or boys’ birthday party beside the pool or on the beach then you must buy a pair of flower flip flops that go perfectly with their attire. Even for days like Easter, Independence and Halloween you can buy flower flip flops with the straps color going with event theme and attachments of seasonal flowers in plastic to suit the occasion.

You can choose a theme for the party like animal barn, cartoon characters, super heroes, fairy castle etc, and then buy(or make) your kids flip flops that have animal beaks, cartoon faces, super hero colors or stamps or even wings on the straps for a fairy look. Your kids would love you for making their event memorable!

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