Flip Flop Boots

Flip Flop Boots

Also known as sandals, pluggers, double pluggers, jandals, chappals when made out of rubber, and many other names all over the world, flip flops are some of the most comfy footwear you can select for your harried feet. What makes flip flops special is their construction – with a single flat sole with which is attached a thong like strap, they have perhaps the simplest construction design a piece of functional wearable footwear may have. And this is exactly why they are cheap, and comfortable – a single design that resolves two issues. When you choose to wear flip flops, you choose simplicity over complexity, not to mention comfort and frugality.

What are Flip Flop Boots

Many companies take the usability of flip flops a step further by making flip flop boots. Where flip flops are more informal wear, worn inside the house or on the beach, flip flop boots are slightly more adorned versions of basic flip flops. Many of them are covered in fur for extra comfort. Many are made out of suede, again for comfort. Some of these models will cover your ankles, which is great for outdoors.
Though flip flop boots are more often marketed for women, there are models of these boots that are available for men to. There are many models in leather and suede, which men can use for their use. For kids, flip flop boots can prove suitable footwear for a party or some such event. The sight of 20 8-yar olds, all wearing flip flop boots will prove a great memory after they have grown up.

Where to Buy Flip Flop Boots

The best place to get flip flop boots, and other kind of flip flop too, are stores like Walmart, K-Mart and others. Their footwear section is almost always bustling with people getting flip flops. Check out whether they stock flip flop boots – if they do not, you still have the option of buying your flip flop boots online.
Online shopping for buying flip flop boots is quite a good idea. First, they are of such simple construction that almost no manufacturer would be able to supply a bad product even if they wanted to. But even so, you should research the website before buying from one.

Buying Flip Flop Boots Online

Ugg, the famous footwear company, has some of the most stylish and comfortable collection of flip flop boots. They have models starting at $89, and you can order them online too. Usually their shipping is free, but you should check before ordering.
Perhaps the best place to buy flip flop boots is E-bay. You can get deals starting at as low as $20 – for which you get an ankle-covering version of flip flop boots. Things to check before you order over E-bay, and anywhere else for that matter: the material with which the boot is made, and the feedback history of the seller. The design of the shoe is almost always visible because almost all listings have a picture of the product.

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