Platform Flip Flops

Platform Flip Flops

The best in terms of ease and comfort


 Flips flops are the most commonly used shoes these days in terms of fashion, and comfort. They are commonly known as “double pluggers”. There are many such features which make a flip flop so popular among the people. Platform flip flops are those which have a platform sole. The platform flip flops are very common in developing countries and mostly worn by working ladies and men because they are so easy on the foot and give a very light feeling. They can be made from very good materials to cheap quality rubber, but it depends on the buyers taste and also the buyer’s knowledge to get the best platform flip flops.


The platform flip flops can be made from various materials and it depends on the buyer which material suits him or her most. These days most of the platform flip flops are made from recycled materials and even bio degradable material which is eco friendly in nature. Sometimes people also go for the platform flip flops which are made from sheep skin and they are very comfortable and give a soothing effect to the feet whenever one wears it. The whole show along with the sole and straps are made from rubber and since the straps looks like ‘Y’, they are also known as Thong sandals. There are certain pressure points on the platform flip flops which gives extreme comfort to the feet.
Platform flip flops are something that can be worn out in a beach, can be worn out as a casual wear or even office wear. Nowadays people always look for shoes which are comfortable and at the same time they are fashionable. Platform flip flops are very comforting because are made of rubber and has some pressure points. The sole and the strap both are made from rubber and in fact the platform nature of the flip flops makes it very soft and comforting and can be easily worn outside and that too for a long period of time and there won’t be any aching. These shoes are best if they are worn during the summer times. The reason why they are so easy to be worn is because it does not have any clasp to tighten or lighten the shoe. It can just be worn without that. Since the straps are ‘Y’ in shape they are also known as thong sandals. In fact these days many bridal platform flip flops are available in the market instead of the high heels. They prefer to wear these flips flops because of its comforting features and its lightness on the foot. Most of the platform flip flops are worn my working men and women in the developing as well as the developed countries because they are always in a rush and they are always moving from one place to the other, therefore they need something that’s very light on the foot, that can be worn and opened at ease and that can give them a of comfort.

Price and Retailer

Most of the platform flip flops are differently priced depending on the brand and also on the materials that is used. Most of the designer platform flip flops are highly priced and may cost up to $10 to $12 and the other ones which are not designer made they may range from $2 to $7. Most of the platform flip flops are easily available in the retail markets,  that are found all over the country. They can also be found in good designer stores but that involves a lot of money. Good quality flip flops ate also available with the retailers.

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