Wide Flip Flops

Wide Flip Flops

It is only recently, in the last few decades, that flip flops have gained the popularity that they have now. But they have been known in various forms all over the world for a long time. The wide variety of names that they are called with, including names such as sandals, jandals, pluggers, slip slaps, zories and double pluggers, tells us that they are used in many countries, and as is shown by the old name zories, for many centuries too.
Wide flip flops are especially useful for extra-comfort, or for people with natural body size or above-average sized feet. In the next few sections we talk about how and where to buy wide flip flops, and some other uses and offers for them.

Construction of Flip Flops

The design of the flip flops is one of the simplest in all the types of footwear. With a single-layered flat sole that is usually made out of rubber or tuber-like materials, and a strap that holds that sole to the feet, flip flops are actually just two pieces of materials holding the feet between them.  The strap is a strip of rubber that diverges into two at the toe, and attaches to either side of the sole, passing over the feet. The straps passes between the main and the second toe, thus allowing the wearer some control over how softly or tightly they want to wear the flip flop.

Wide Flip Flops

Wide flip flops are especially useful to you if you have wide feet. Even when you do not have wide feet, wide flip flops will be attractive to you by being more comfortable than the regular ones. In the regular flip flops, the strap or the strap thong may pinch your feet, but with wide flip flops, your strap will be extra loose, giving you some extra succor and comfort.
Since wide flip flops are designed with extra care for the comfort of the wearer, they are also more ergonomically designed than the normal flip flops. With their foot bed anatomically curved to match the curve of the soles of your feet, they give a very good cushion to your feet indoors or outdoors.

Buying Wide Flip Flops

You can get wide flip flops in almost all the retail stores. Stores like Walmart and K-Mart will have sections dedicated to flip flops in the footwear area. Among the flip flop section, you should look for wide flip flop sizes that you are interested in. After adding a thicker strap to their wide flip flops, many companies market them as flip flop shoes. These flip flops might even be found in the shoes section of the store. “Comfort shoes” or comfort footwear is also a word used to describe such shoes – also look for that section.

If you want to get wide flip flops online, your first stop can be E-bay. With their feedback history serving as the measure of their credibility, the retailers of E-bay can be trusted as long as you are sure to check their feed back history. Do not buy a product whose picture the retailer has not displayed in the listing – so get a wide flip flop from them only once you have made sure that what you are getting is in fat a wide flip flop and not just any flip flop.

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