Flip Flop Sandal

Flip Flop Sandal

Who hasn’t heard of the flip flop sandal, the oldest type of sandal known to man. In ancient times flip flops were known as thong sandals and thought of as a poor man’s foot wear. It was not until the mid sixties this changed, when celebrities of that time period started wearing them on events and public functions. This changed the general opinion on the foot wear and paved the way for the flip flop sandal to become the popular piece of foot wear it is today.

Rise of the flip flop sandal

From that moment on the sandals were named flip flops, and the term has stuck ever since. What goes for the new name also goes for its popularity which has been on the rise ever since the mid sixties and thanks to many innovations over the years this increased and keeps on increasing to this very day.
In fact it is safe to say that these days the flip flop sandal is the most popular piece of foot wear, available in any assortment. For this there are many reasons and explanations:

Flip flops for all budgets

Flip flops are trendy, flexible yet very inexpensive. This makes them suitable for any budget and since the flip flop sandal is a unisex product, it is foot wear suitable for the whole family.

Thanks to inventions, like arch support the flip flop sandal is suitable for everyday use, and just as comfortable to take a walk in the park with,  as it would be using it occasionally at the beach.  Thanks to the improvements strain on the feet has been eliminated and that brings us to the second reason for the popularity of the footwear:

Flip flop sandals and health issues

Unlike the first pairs of sandals, flip flop sandals are healthy for feet. They are open so feet can breathe, while arch support ensures good posture and prevents injuries like foot pain. Because of that same arch support the strain on the toes is a thing of the past, which ensures good posture and no longer presents the wearer with the risk of foot injury due to extreme strain on the toes.

In short; no longer is the flip flop sandal a risk when used on a daily basis.

All things considered, the flip flop sandal may very well be one of mankind’s greatest inventions. It has lasted throughout all ages, from the Roman empire to today’s fashion hype. It has changed from a type of foot wear for occasional use to one very suitable for every day usage and managed to remain popular and that popularity is still rising. There are not many human inventions that could claim the same accomplishments.

Greatest invention or not, what is clear is that the flip flop sandal is here to stay. It has passed the stage of fad and hype, and stood the test of time. Flip flops have proven to be a timeless, but ever fashionable part of any wardrobe, for both sexes.

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