Flip Flop Heels

Flip Flop Heels

Flip Flop Heels for your Feet


 Flip flops are one of the very popular types of footwear that are around right now and this is not the fact only in the United States of America but all over the world. And with this immense popularity of the flip flops, there is a demand for many different types and designs of these flip flops, particularly the heels and as a result, many types of flip flop heels are being manufactured in order to cater to the hugely variable demands of the users. The heels that are being made for the flip flops are so hugely different that it is very difficult to even mention two different heels in the same sentence. Some of these flip flop heels have better grip, some offer better foothold while walking and some others are created just for the style. Depending on the quality of the heels, the flip flops have hugely varying prices and one with a very fancy heel can cost you as much as $100 for a pair.

Types of heels on the flip flops

one of the most popular flip flop heels that have hit the stores this summer are the gold colored leather top heels that also have rhinestone embellishment in them. These of course will not be available for $100 and might end up costing you at least a few hundred dollars for a single pair. There are many flip flop heels that have treads on the top that offer better grip for the feet and as a result, when you are walking on the road, you will not have the sole hitting your ankles at all times which sometimes can be very irritating and this is something that happens with the flat soled flip flops. There is another type of flip flop heels that are available in the market now and the specialty of these flip flops is that the color of the heels can be changed using the color kits that are given with the original purchase. There are different heights on these heels as well with some having very low heights while some others are very broad and have heels of a few inches.

Designer heels

Many acclaimed and famed designers from the fashion industry have also tried their hand out in the flip flop market and from their fashion houses; we got the flip flop heels with particular designs that have different designs on them as well as other additional features. These designer flip flops will obviously cost you a handsome amount of money and their prices can go upwards of a few thousand dollars as well.


There are high chances that if you are looking for flip flop heels that are designer, chances are that the one you are getting are the only piece like that and apart from that, the other heels are relatively made for the masses and so, if you want to be unique, I would suggest that you go for the designer flip flop heels.

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