Flip Flops with Arch Support

Flip Flops with Arch Support

Flip flops, the popular term for the “thong sandal” in ancient times, are still among the most popular types of footwear. Unfortunately, Flips flops also had a reputation for causing foot injuries when prolonged usage occurred, leading to foot pains and in extreme cases even deformities. A breakthrough solving this problems was the introduction of flip flops with arch support. Through the special design of these sandals pressure was lifted from the toes, and posture became more relaxed, and thus more healthy for the feet.

There are many types of flip flops with arch support and most of them are related to a specific brand of sandal, each implementing its own patented technology to provide the arch support.

Othaheel Flip Flops

The sandals created by Othaheel are amongst the most innovative in their field, and make use of the so called “Try-Planar Motion Control system” . This system is based on biomechanics and focuses on reducing extreme pressure regarding the three areas of movement. Othaheel sandals are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).

Chaco Flip Flops

Sandals of the Chaco brand are also APMA approved, and are regarded to be amongst the finest of footwear in the sandal ranges especially when it comes to flip flops with arch support. Chaco flip flops make use of their patented Ergonomic Bio-Centric foot bed for arch support, which provides stability and better posture. Wearing Chaco flip flops reduces the chance to sustain foot injury and prevents heel pain.

Sole Flip Flops

Sole flip flops with arch support have the ability to be moldable. This means that over time the sandal, or to be more precise the sole of the foot wear, will take the shape of the foot, providing perfect support. Sole flip flops are also approved by the APMA.

Moszkito Flip Flops

Moszkito sandals with arch support makes use of a so called contoured foot bed, ensuring optimum interaction with the feet while they are worn. This improves greatly on posture and strain, reducing the risk of injury.

The above is merely a selection of the most well known brand of flip flops with arch support. There are many other manufacturers of this type of sandal, manufacturing the sandals with arch support.

Overall, the introduction of flip flops with arch support has not just led to healthier sandals, but they now contribute in the relief for many related conditions, like back pain, knee pain, all through the improvement in posture while relieving strain on the feet. In fact flip flops with arch support often make very cost effective alternatives to orthopedic shoes, because they only cost a fraction of this type of therapeutic foot wear, yet achieve the same or sometimes even better results.

When looking to obtain a pair of flip flops with arch support it is recommended to go for a pair that is approved by the APMA, in order to ensure the foot wear is safe to use without running the risk of sustaining foot injuries, that will create bigger problems along the line.

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