Sandals Shoes

Sandals Shoes

Every season has its own style of both clothing and shoes that provide the comfort needed for changes in weather and activities involved during those times of year. Where boots are often called for during those long, cold winter months, sandals shoes are needed in late spring through early autumn. There is an amazing assortment of sandals that can be found, but some of the most popular sandals shoes are stylish and comfortable flip flops!

Rubber Flip Flops

Generally made from 100% rubber, there are some flip flops that have rubber lower and a leather t-strap upper. Many of the designer sandals shoes that are a bit costlier do, in fact, make rubber flip flops with leather uppers that have their signature logo stamped into the leather. Some designers do carry all rubber flip flops, but again, their logo will invariably be stamped or imprinted on the shoe.

Designer Sandals Shoes

Believe it or not, there are designer sandals shoes that cost more than a thousand dollars. Some trendy gladiator sandals in the traditional thong (flip flops) style such as those designed by Balenciaga can cost more than a month’s rent! Sandals shoes, although often associated with a day at the beach, have become quite trendy and no fashionistas or GQ men would be without at least one pair of trendy designer sandals shoes in their summer attire.

Leather Sandals Shoes

For a day at the beach, rubber sandals are more appropriate, but for a night on South Beach, there is nothing like a fashionable pair of all leather sandals. They don’t have to be expensive, but they need to be leather! You could buy Prada, Sergio Rossi, Kenneth Cole, Givenchy or just common sense (and affordable!) Dockers. It doesn’t matter as long as the only thing you see when you look at your feet, besides your toes, is leather. Most commonly found leathers include suede, nubuck and oiled leathers, of which nubuck is probably the most expensive but also the softest and most comfortable.

Athletic Sandals

Then for the guy or gal who is into sports, there are a number of athletic sandals shoes that are geared toward both exercising those legs and feet while keeping them in shape for time in the field or on the court. Brands to look for would be Nike, Reebok, Puma and Sketchers. However, some of the up and coming fitness sandals on the market are manufactured in England by FitFlops. These shoes are biomechanically engineered so that those feet, legs and lower back get strengthened as you walk.

You can find literally any style of sandals shoes out there from rubber casuals to leather with all the bling you can imagine. And sandals are no longer relegated to the bargain basement because they have become some of the favorites among top name designer collections. Whether you are looking to spend a few bucks at Wal-Mart or a thousand for a Prada original, there is a shoe with your name on it out there.

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