Rubber Flip Flops

Rubber Flip Flops

Rubber Flip Flops that last a long Time


Rubber flip flops are some of the trendiest foot wears that are in the market right now and moreover, due to the sense of style which appeals to a very huge audience that are mostly female and this is mainly because of the style it adds to the feet. These flip flops are hugely versatile and that is one of the main reasons behind the huge popularity of these rubber flip flops. Flip flops can be of various types and make and some of these can cost upwards of a few hundred dollars, especially the ones that are made and designed by well known fashion designers.

Pros and Cons

Flip flops are immensely popular for people all over the country because of the comfort that they provide while walking. The flip flops that are made from the fancier materials such as foam and others are not so sturdy and allow the feet to sink in when one puts their foot down and hence many people can lose their footing in the process causing an ankle twist and such other injuries. However, with the rubber flip flops this problem is non-existent as the rubber sole provides a very strong base that helps in a strong footing and moreover they are easy to grip as well. Another advantage of the flip flops that are made of rubber is that the ’Y’ strap of these slippers are also very sturdy and do not tear off from the main sole very easily, which means that these slippers will last a very long time indeed. The one problem that dogs the rubber flip flops is the fact that since rubber is a very slippery kind of material and causes the feet to sweat a lot, the grip is not so strong in the summer especially in the southern states such as Texas, California and others and this may cause the person to slip over as well, causing various injuries.


The normal rubber flip flops that are available in the market can be yours for as little as $5, but the prices of the high end models can go up to $45-50 as well. Moreover, designers are now making flip flops but these are mostly being made from fancy materials. But there are some materials that have turned to rubber to create flip flops for the middle class people and these rubber flip flops have become very popular as well. These flip flops from the designer houses are a bit expensive but if you can dish out a couple of hundred dollars, you can own a pair for yourself as well.


Finally, it can easily be said that if you are looking for cheap, yet reliable footwear that will also last you for a very long time, then rubber flip flops are the ones for you and moreover, if you are looking for value for money also, then there is no other footwear that will give you the same value as these flip flops will. Back to Top