Armani Flip Flops

Armani Flip Flops

Flip flops are among the most comfortable footwear of all types, and Armani is one of the most desirable brands in wardrobe and fashion. Combining them is a sure recipe of attractive shoes that keep your feet comfortable. And that is exactly what you get with Armani flip flops – comfort with elegance and style. That flip flops are the favorite summer wear of people all around the world is not surprising – with their simplistic design, they are easy to wear, and easy to remove; plus they allow your feet ventilation, which is one of the higher priorities in the summer heat. With Armani flip flops, you get that, plus more.

Models of Armani Flip Flops

Armani recognizes the usefulness of flip flops by its collection of Armani flip flops. Armani calls these flip slops by various names – some of them are called slippers, some are called flip flops. Armani slippers are released as part of the Autumn/Winter collection, and are designed to be worn indoors. Made out of polyester, they are price at a very reasonable price of about $ 45 or about 29 British Pounds.
Armani flip flops that are made for outdoors are available in various colors, and styles. Armani’s Purple Flip Flops are available online for about $25 pounds or $38. This model is on the lower side – Armani’s Black and Brown Woven Sandal costs about 149 pounds ($234) originally, but you can get it for about 119 pounds ($187) in some stores for a discount. This sandal has been made out of multiple materials – among them leather, Nylon, canvas and plastic. You can be assured that the quality of its construction is impeccable, what with Armani’s expertise in footwear and fashion.
Armani has a number of models for ladies, as formal wear. These stylishly designed flip flops have been designed keeping women’s style, and comfort, in mind. Armani has women’s flip flops in suede, jelly and even in fur. Prices are reasonable, and you can get a straight up Armani flip flop jellies for as low as $48. From the slightly higher end models, the Armani XEDJ90 Black Women’s Sandals can be had for as low as 179 Ponds ($282) at These are high heeled shoes made out of black suede.
Armani flip flops are some of the most fashionable footwear you can get. With shoes such as these within your reach, deciding what to wear for that company dinner becomes all the more easier.

Caring for Your Armani Flip Flops

 Unexpected things can happen, and at any time your favorite and costly Armani flip flops can be ruined with dirt, so here are some tips on how to clean your flip flops and how to take care of them: 

  • In cleaning the sides and foot bed of your flip flops, use a Magic Eraser.
  • Always store your Armani flip flops properly, put it in a bag or a shoe box to prevent it from becoming dusty.
  •  It is always a good idea to lift your feet completely while you walk. This will save your flip flop soles, and is also other wise the right way to walk.

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