Flip Flops Havaianas

Flip Flops Havaianas

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of manufacturers that are in the flip flop market, but there aren’t any who can compare with genuine Havaianas. In terms of style, construction and comfort, Havaianas rank #1 worldwide. Whether you are looking for a pair to wear to the beach or a pair to wear around town, flip flops Havaianas have what you are looking for. In fact, there isn’t a member of the family who won’t find a pair to suit his or her taste whether it is a toddler, teenager or mom and dad. There are so many styles to choose from that the only problem you are likely to have is which pair to buy!

Mens Flip Flops Havaianas

Each and every pair of mens flip flops Havaianas manufactures has a special theme that is completely different from other selections, and within those themes there are a variety of styles. One of the trendiest flip flops theme is the Conservation International, not only because they are a great looking sandal, but because they are environmentally friendly. A total of 7% of sales from Conservation International flip flops will go to environmental research to help protect the shores of Brazil as well as the ocean at large. This pair retails for $24 and comes in three styles, white, navy blue and turquoise.

Havaianas Womens Flip Flops

One of the amazing aspects of flip flops Havaianas for women is that there is pair that is suitable for any fashion from beachwear all the way through wedding attire! In fact, some women even wear Havaianas to their wedding festivities after the ceremony! Brides, bridesmaids and even the mother of the bride are seen sporting Slim Crystal Flowers or Slim Crystal Metalisse to the party when seeking a bit of comfort after standing in those uncomfortable heels during a long, drawn out ceremony. Slim Crystal Mesh is also the perfect sandal for comfort at a more formal event with the crystals shimmering across the T-strap for that glamorous effect. Each of these are a bit pricier than the average Havaianas, but worth every penny when you consider the comfort they provide at those semi-formal to formal gatherings that require bling while you need to get out of those dreaded heels!

And of course you can’t forget that there are also 23 different flip flops Havaianas kids’ themes for the smaller members of the family. It is true that there is a shoe for everyone from sports aficionados to fashionistas as well as for the smaller people who thrill at the sight of a fairy or superhero. Prices are moderate and you will find that Havaianas are built not only for style and comfort, but they are built to last. If it’s a dime store disposable flip flop you are looking for you won’t find it at Havaianas. However, if you are looking to be the height of fashion in a sandal that provides all the comfort you can ask for, flip flops Havaianas has a pair for you

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