Skechers Flip Flops

Skechers Flip Flops

When it comes to footwear, flip flops are a timeless shoe type that has remained in high demand throughout the years. Skechers flip flops show the remarkable evolution from a typical indoor shoe type to a trendy fashion statement during summer time.

The History of flip flops a brief overview

The term flips flops is a popular term for what used to be called a thong sandal, and dates back from the sixties, when the term ‘flip flops” was first introduced. The shoe type itself is as old as world, with drawings dating thousands of years back depicting people wearing this type of footwear. Throughout the years the shoe type evolved from a mere sandal to a fashionable shoe type that comes in different types.
Skechers, using their patented technology for footwear, took flip flops shoe type to a whole new level.
No longer are flip flops bound to indoor usage, but they are now a fully fledged fashion statement, and one that matches perfectly with almost any outfit   Skechers flip flops go just as well with a pair of pants, shorts or a trendy dress. Flip flops have always been a popular type of footwear since the sixties, and its popularity has only increased since that period.
Flip flops have evolved from an indoor shoe type for the warm summer months to a fashion statement, no fashion conscious person can ignore. Flip flops have gone mainstream and have become a part of most people’s wardrobe, for use in those months when the summer heat is at its peak.

The flip flops fashion statement

Before the flip flops shoe type became popular and went mainstream it was perceived as “street wear” of the working class and part of the poor man’s wardrobe. It was mainly used in Asian parts of the world due to the climate in those parts of the world, but during the seventies wearing flip flops went mainstream. Hollywood stars and other famous people adapted the footwear and used it as a fashion statement to set themselves apart. They could be seen wearing them on all kinds of occasions, which turned it in to a fashionable piece of footwear. From there on out the shoe type became a part of almost any household as an inexpensive fashion statement and has remained so until this day. Skechers flip flops in particular contributed greatly to this by offering a wide variety of  flips flops in several models and colors, with new varieties being added continuously.

One of the main attractions of Sketches flip flops is without a doubt the fact that this type of trendy footwear is affordable for everyone, as the Sketches flip flops collection offers footwear in price ranges from $10 to approximately $60, which makes it possible for everyone, to obtain a pair of fashionable flip flops no matter what their income range is. 

This being said it is safe to assume that we still have a long range of new Skechers flip flops footwear to look forward to, because this trend has passed way beyond the stage of hype and remains a fashion statement for years to come.

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