BCBG Flip Flops

BCBG Flip Flops

BCBG has long been known for providing footwear and fashion accessories, consistently creating and defining new trends while establishing a formidable worldwide presence. BCBG flip flops are the pinnacle of a business progression that has accumulated 30 years of experience, starting in 1981 with the establishment of the Jess line of retail boutiques established by Max Azria, the founder of BCBG footwear. BCGB successfully redesigned and revolutionize the flip flop industry by introducing a wide variety of stylish flip flop types and models. Max Azria is the epitome of a designer/businessman, constantly expanding his creative boundaries and introducing new fashion products to an ever-changing global market. The following paragraphs briefly review the various types of BCBG flip flops, including information pertaining to cost and the materials they consist of.

Popular Types of BCBG Flip Flops

The majority of BCBG flip flops sold on the market today are geared towards women and young girls, however there is also an extensive selection of men's flip flops available as well. The women's Gloria flip flops are especially popular as of lately, being an economic yet stylishly comfortable choice for women on a budget, or those that would like to collect many pairs of BCBG flip flops. The most expensive flip flops offered by BCBG are those in the Max Azria line, particularly the designer thong sandals, which are usually comprised of high-quality leather and lightweight foam composite materials. BCBG also manufactures a wide selection of flip flop sandals that are adorned with unique and vibrant designs.

Costs of Different Types of BCBG Flip Flops

The cost of a pair of BCBG flip flops can range from $10-$120, depending on the size, model, retailer, and whether shipping and handling is added to the total expense. Fortunately, the official BCBG website makes it possible to use sophisticated search criteria such as color filters and page organization by price, in order to find the most suitable pair of flip flops for your budget and style preferences. BCBG is known for offering flip flops in nearly every color known to man, with more than 30 pages of flip flops available through their online catalog. The foam composite BCBG flip flops are typically less expensive than their leather or patent leather counterparts. Many of the online retailers that sell BCBG flip flops offer free shipping and handling, and are therefore viable alternatives to shopping for a pair at a local department store.

Where to Buy BCBG Flip Flops

If you're a collector or are looking for an extensive selection of BCBG flip flops, you may want to consider searching through their official catalog online. However, if you looking for the best deals, it would be best to eliminate shipping and handling costs by shopping at local department stores instead. Third-party auction sites such as Amazon.com and eBay.com are also excellent sources of affordable designer clothing and footwear, and are therefore ideal marketplaces for fans of BCBG flip flops. If you have a rewards credit card issued by a specific department store which provides hefty rebates, then you may want to consider purchasing a pair using such a card.

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