Chaco Flip Flops

Chaco Flip Flops

Flip flops had been the choice of Americans since 1960’s when they were popular as beachwear. Initially only men on laundry floors were expected to wear these simply designed flip flops, but with the passage of time kids and even women started adorning their feet with them. So much so that in present-day scenario designers bring out their collection with embellished and jeweled flop flops on runways.

Benefits of Chaco Flip flops

Wearers who are conscious of the quality and durability of flip flops almost always opt for Chaco flip flops.
Chaco flip flops are very popular and suitable for trendy youngsters and adults alike. Chaco is a trade name of ‘biocentric comfort’. This stands as a distinguishing factor for Chaco flip flops when compared to other shoes. Actually the Chaco flip flops are designed in a way that is biochemically engineered for foot comfort- somewhat like a cushioning effect that prevents feet stress.

The Chaco flip flops are constructed for quick drying. The sole is resistant to abrasives and other fragments that can get in the sole along the way. It has a continuous strap passing from the footbed to cover the foot. Chaco flip flops slide on easily and have very good arch support which aids in running or climbing. Chaco flip flops are available in many colors and designs in all sizes, so you have a lot to choose from.

Types of Chaco Flip Flops

Chaco Hip Thong
This is perhaps the hippest, most comfortable sandal on the shoe rack in any shoe store. You will find these sandals very comfortable. The upper fabric is soft and woven that extends like a slip in thong style. The toe post is made of webbed fabric. This crisscrosses the instep straps. It even has an outer pull-through buckle which can be adjusted for added comfort fit. The designs have bio centric support, as usual, and textured footbed.

Chaco Flip Eco Tread

These are often leather sandals. The nubuck leather is buttery soft and covers the footbed. The design can also be skived and rolled toe post made of nubuck leather. The Eco tread rubber outsole is made of 25% recycled rubber.

Chaco Switch Flip Flops

The unique design features a leather band that is self-regulating. The webbed design is made of colorful polyester. The footbed and straps are of nubuck leather which gives a stylish look. The footbeds have floral touches.

Where to Buy?

Chaco flip flops are easily available at shoes stores as they are a very popular brand. Online shopping is even easier. Major retail websites like Amazon, eBay and Zappos give you many choices online. Some items even get free hipping or you can avail the deals and discounts on special events or bulk purchases. You can devote time to viewing product details, reviews, and availability once you have selected a design and color.

Chaco flip flop shopping online saves you the trouble of going to markets, parking, wasting time looking around for you ideal design and then sometimes finding that your size and favorite color is out of stock.

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