Reef Fanning Flip Flops

Reef Fanning Flip Flops

During the eighties the two Argentinean brothers:  Fernando and Santiago Aguerre set out to design the world’s best active sandal as a means to support their lifestyles and succeeded. Being a part of the  national surf scene, they quickly gained a following, which over the years turned their venture in to the largest active sandal manufacturing company worldwide.
Reef’s main breakthrough came in 1995, when the popularity of the foot wear expanded from being a surfers exclusive to being also a preferred type of foot wear by the skate crowd. This was the start for Reef fanning flip flops to branch out in just about any sector and turned the company into what it is today.

Reef Today

Today, Reef is one of the leading brands in foot wear which is most popular amongst the surfing crowd, but also by professionals working in areas with lots of legwork involved. The so called Reef fanning flip flops are among the best money can buy, and they can be found in many of the surf shops and sports clothing stores all across the nation as well as globally.
Reef fanning flip flops are well known for their comfortable wear and design. They are best described as soft, yet very supportive to the feet, and therefore it is no surprise that Reef is a brand you will find very well represented in the health care industry, where the reef fanning flip flops are worn by many employees working in that sector.

Reef Gadgets

However, since the reef fanning flip flops are originally designed intended for the surfing and beach crowd, it is also no surprise that the foot wear comes with some less obvious features as well. One of the best known gadgets Reef is known for adding to their sandals is a bottle opener!
At first glance this may seem like a strange tool to add to a pair of flip flops, yet, when used on and around the beach, they come in very handy remarkably often. However the main attraction remains the quality of the materials used and the fact that they wear comfortably  and provide support where needed.

Affordable Foot wear

While Reef fanning flip flops have all the characteristics of high quality foot wear, they remain very affordable with prices ranging between $ 20 and $60, which makes it possible for any type of household to own a pair of flip flops of this well known brand. Reef also is the brand of choice of many professional and amateur surfers alike. This shown in the designs created which are obviously geared towards sportive events and beach wear.

Overall, Reef fanning flip flops come highly recommended for people working in capacities where lots of standing and walking is involved, like the health care section. The sandals are comfortable yet supportive and allow the feet to breathe. Reef sandals come in all sorts and sizes, as well as in different price ranges. There is a suitable pair of flip flops for any budget, which contributes to the fact that the “Reef” brand ranks amongst the most popular brands available today.

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