Billabong Flip Flops

Billabong Flip Flops

Flip flops are a common form of casual footwear that started their advent on the beach. Initially they were brought to the West as Japanese ‘zori’ sandals from WWII as souvenirs. The flip flops came and stayed with blue collar men on the laundry mat, on the beach and on the foot college guys and there the utility ended. They are actually rubber sole sandals with twin straps stemming from the ankle support

Billabong Company

Gordon merchant, a surfing enthusiast hailing from Australia, got the idea of creating Billabong stylish handmade shorts as beachwear- surfing etc. the company was in its budding stage in the 60’s and 70’s and got well established by the 80’s based on it clothing line. Since then it has spread its branches far and wide. Their product range has expanded to include footwear and other accessories.

Billabong flip flops

When you think of flip flops you would like to know what social demographics the target market has for you to succeed. The fact is Billabong has already gotten its stronghold by capturing the beachwear arena- selling Billabong flip flops to surfers, picnickers and swimmers, and even beach party goers. The wide variety of sports that has developed around the sea is proof that there is a demand for beachwear and Billabong tries to meet it with supplies of Billabong flip flops and clothing line.
People who have adorned Billabong flip flops stick to it as it goes with their whole beach attire or even casual home clothing’s. It is nothing new to see men wearing shorts at home with Billabong flip flops so they can avoid sweatiness in their feet. Women also love to wear flip flops esp. in summer and with the stylish design and attractive colors they can go out in Billabong flop flops to buy groceries too. The bright, splashy summer colors and designs are enough to attract women and even teenagers. It is being seen that girls even wear Billabong flip flops to proms and why not? With an increase in outdoor weddings even those on the beach people choose to wear elegant Billabong flip flops where they can enjoy the wedding and stroll on the beach without looking awkward in formal footwear.

Wholesale Billabong flip flops

If you are on the other end of the Flip flop deals- as a retailer then you would definitely benefit from surveying the beach scene to see people’s inclination. Most of them choose to buy Billabong flip flops, shorts, and rucksacks all from the same store and therefore you would benefit from buying the whole range of Billabong products in bulk. The range is designed to complement each item.

Billabong designs

It is true that just like the tidal waves; Billabong flip flops also keep changing designs and colors quickly each season. You must keep up with these new versions so that you don’t appear outdated on the beach scene. Always take a look at the Billabong official website or other retail/wholesale websites to know which color and designs are IN and to book your order before they become sold out.

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