Vans Flip Flops

Vans Flip Flops

Footwear throng the markets in so many designs and colors, each making a fashion statement of its own, but people still look for something unique and stylish with comfort all the time. When the three things are to be combined you end up with Vans flip flops.

The Flip Flops Tradition

Historically, flip flops ruled the market as beachwear in 1960’s. The design itself came from Mexican sandals, when copied by a certain brand as well as Japanese ‘zori’, when brought into the West by servicemen coming back from WWII. Also initially, mostly men were seen wearing these in blue collar jobs, laundry areas or they were worn by college going boys. Now everyone from kids to teenagers and girls to women are seen wearing these.

About Van’s Shoes

Vans started out in 1966 by introducing some high quality skate shoes. From then, they went into making slip-ons, sandals, Vans flip flops, and many more. Vans flip flops for women are suited for females in all age brackets with a wide array of styles from sports shoes to slip-ons. They are comfortable modern wear in high quality. Vans skateboard shoes ware are made of thick rubber soles and anyone in the skating business would know of Vans by heart, as they have been in the market scene upfront for 40 years.

Van’s flip flops

Available in red, green, and purple and all other splashy, outrageous, and sober color combinations, you can always grab one to suit the occasion and your style. Whether you are on the beach, a beach wedding, a garden BBQ, or a girl’s kitty party you would love to show off your Vans flip flops. When summer time outdoor parties are on, Vans flip flops are the ideal footwear.

Vans flip flops are available in classic solid colors and even shades. The designs can be checkerboard patterns for boys, polka dots for girls, skulls for teenagers, and hippos, penguins and animal characters for your little ones.

Ideas for Vans Flip Flops Decoration

If you want to add a touch of uniqueness or personalized element to your Vans flip flops you can do the following:

  • Decorate them with plastic jewels or rhinestones, beads, laces, frills, curls, flowers and as many embellishments as you like.
  • Just grip one solid color and do your own mix match of flowers e.g. a yellow sunflower on purple Vans flip flops would look very welcoming.
  • An orange put on the crossover of the straps of your green Vans flip flops is perfect for summers.
  • Even the arch support can be designed with a beak and beads for eye dots to give it the shape of a bird.
  • For your little girl, go for lots of curls that drape the sides and a large bow on top.
  • Choose the color of Vans flip flops that go with your beachwear and then stamp the sides with iron transfer designs to make sure people know it’s yours when lying on the sand.

How to get them

Van’s flip flops are available on most shoe stores in the market as well as online, through big retailers like Zappos, Amazon and eBay. You can browse the sites and study each design in detail with its construction, price, and availability.

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