DC Flip Flops

DC Flip Flops

DC shoes sells flip flops in men's, women's, and children's sizes and models. Perhaps the most appealing attribute of DC flip flops is how different and unique each pair is, with an assortment of designs and sandal types to choose from. To most people, DC Shoes are known for their sneakers, jeans, and shirts, but most particularly their line of skateboarding sneakers. Nonetheless, DC's flip flops are every bit as comfortable, stylish, and aesthetically appealing as their more urban counterpart products. DC is currently expanding their selection of flip flops, and has experienced a significant amount of growth in their customer base during the past two years. The facts discussed herein pertain to the types, price, and popularity of DC flip flops.

Types of DC Flip Flops

DC flip flops come in many different types, including thong sandals, overstraps, and comfortably casual slipper-like flip flops to artistic design and futuristic flip flops. Some DC flip flops, such as the house slipper type are decorated with plaid, and match well with bathrobes for pajamas. DC also makes flip flops with urban designs, that are perfect to wear with a pair of Dickie shorts, or swim trunks. Some of the more sporty flip flops offered by DC shoes are extremely durable, and are comprised of flexible foam composite materials that provide shock resistance for the soles of the feet. Women DC flip flops frequently have feminine designs such as flowers, and more vibrant colors. Children's flip flops from DC are only offered in two main models – Ponto and Heavy, which are sold in kid's sizes eight through 20.

Prices of DC Flip Flops

The price of a pair of DC flip flops ranges from $15 to $60, depending on the size, model, and whether it is intended to be worn by males and females or children. The sporty DC flip flops typically cost the most, because they have the most expensive materials and sturdy designs that are meant to last for extended and active use. The cheaper models offered by DC include the flatfoot thong sandal types, and some of the models that have more generic designs. If you want the best deal, you may want to shop locally, as this will eliminate the cost of shipping and handling. However, online shopping offers a broader selection and may therefore be more ideal for collectors on the specific style preference.

Where to Buy DC Flip Flops

DC flip flops can be bought at the official DC shoes website, through their extensive user-friendly catalog, or they can be purchased from third-party retailers on auction sites such as eBay or Amazon.com. Alternatively, if you're not sure about your shoe size, you may want to consider shopping locally at department stores such as JCPenney's or Macy's. If you set up an account on DC shoes website, it is possible to receive discounts when making purchases over a certain dollar amount. You can also earn coupons for future purchases with each pair of flip flops you buy

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