Flip Flops Roxy

Flip Flops Roxy

Flip Flops from Roxy-style and comfort at an affordable price


Flip Flops are one of the best in terms of dressing up for comfort when you go out for a casual walk on the beach or even when you do not want to wear something too heavy. There are a large number of brands which sell flip flops at prices that vary from low to really higher luxury range. If you want sandals that are trendy but economical, then one should go for variants of flip flops roxy which are available in a large varieties which come at greatly varying prices which will suit all kinds of buyers.

Availability and Prices

We often consider flip flops to be a good choice for wearing for just walks by yourself and not to be worn anywhere you will need to dress up. However the flip flops from this company are one of the best when it comes to getting a pair of comfortable shoes which will allow you to be stylish even with flip flops on your feet. In terms of availability, flip flops roxy are pretty easily available not only at any retailer in the United States of America but also online where you can get some great discounts on the pair of shoes that you want to buy from the roxy company. Prices for the flip flops that are in the middle range of the market from this company is around the $14 mark or less depending on whether you get any special discounts. However there are also several special rhinestone thong slippers that are also available which has gemstones from swarovski studded in the flip flops roxy. The prices of these studded flip flops are a little more and can be something around $19 for a pair. However if you also check on the several online agencies that offer you such flip flops on wholesale, then you can get these slippers at a lesser rate.

So how is a roxy flip flop different

We have seen several brands of flip flops that are available in the market but this one is definitely different. While all companies say that their products are different, flip flops roxy is one of the most unique in terms of the kind of simplicity as well the kind wacky designs that they can roll out at the same time is so unique to this brand that there are no other brands in the market that can match up to the kind of designs that they make. Take for instance the flip flop they have which is known as the stash. This is one design which includes a special compartment in the heel of the sandal where you can hide a key or something small. Another one is the Dram which contains an improvised cup holder. All these have a lot of novelty factor when it comes to flip flops roxy slippers, but they also have a lot of the durability that we are looking for. Coming with non slip rubber on the undersole, these will give you the most important walk when it comes to tackling slippery streets.

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