Sperry Flip Flops

Sperry Flip Flops

Sperry flip flops have been maintaining a tradition of excellence since 1935, when the first Sperry Top-Sider was released. The original Sperry flip flop was designed by Paul Sperry, who, after noticing how easily his dog ran on the slippery surface of the winter ice, decided to create his first patent based on the incredible traction design of his dog's paws. This patent, Razor-SipingTM, was the beginning of the Sperry Top-Sider legacy, a company that has been manufacturing and distributing some of the worlds best boat shoes for almost 80 years. In fact, Paul Sperry invented the boat shoe after spending much of his life exercising his passion for the ocean. Sperry flip flops carry on this tradition by providing excellent footwear for men, women, and children of all age groups and sizes. The following information discusses some of the most popular types of Sperry flip flops available on the market, as well as other information pertaining to these popular high-quality flip flops.

Types of Sperry Flip Flops

Sperry flip flops come in 4 different types –  basic sandals, thong sandals, slide sandals, and slip-on sandals. Each of these flip flop types have unique designs that are suitable for the preferences of different individuals. Most Sperry flip flops have soles that are shaped similarly to the contour of a foot, making them extremely comfortable, regardless of foot size or shape. The thong-style flip flops have a strap that runs between the toes, which keeps the flip flop stable and ensures that it stays secured to the foot. The slide sandal has a Velcro strap that can be adjusted to fit the foot of the wearer perfectly, after which it can be slid on with ease. Slip on sandals are similar to the slide-type, except they do not have an adjustable strap.

Cost of Sperry Flip Flops

The cost of a pair of Sperry flip flops will var depending on the size, type, and whether it is made for men, women, or children. The manufacturer's price of men's Sperry flip flops ranges from $50-$80+, however, it is possible to find good deals as low as $25. The women's line has a broader price range ($20-$90), as there are more types to choose from. The women's selection also includes raised sandals for casual wear, as well as flat sandals for sunny days on the beach. Kid's Sperry flip flops range in cost from $20-$40 and come in many of the same types as adult men's and women's.

Where to Buy Sperry Flip Flops

The best place to buy Sperry flip flops is online, either at the official manufacturer's site, or on a third-party site such as Amazon or eBay. Local department stores may be able to offer the best prices because of the lack of shipping and handling, however the selection online is far more extensive. Many online retailers provide free shipping and handling, and other discounts for repeat customers. Although online shopping provides the aforementioned benefits of a larger selection and lower prices, many people prefer to shop locally because they can try on the shoes before buying.

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