Havana Flip Flops

Havana Flip Flops

When you think of those days and evenings spent in the warm tropical breeze, the first thing that comes to mind is a cool and comfortable outfit, complete with sandals. Of course you probably envision a piña colada or margarita in hand as well to complete the perfect picture of those moments spent away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the 21st century. While you might not be able to get away to that island paradise, you can still recreate the sensations and set the mood right here at home. It all begins with your clothing. Dress the way you would like to feel and add the finishing touches with a pair of Havana flip flops.

Crystal Metalisse Flip Flops for a Night on the Town

Nowhere does it say that you can’t wear a pair of flip flops for a night on the town. While you wouldn’t want to wear a pair of Wal-Mart specials, you could dress for even fancier gatherings in a pair of Havaianas Crystal Metalisse flip flops made with authentic Swarovski crystals lining the T-strap! Havana flip flops can be just as dressy as you need to be while providing enough comfort so that you can Merengue the night away. Priced at $98, these sandals are truly lovely and any woman would feel like a princess wearing them. It might not be a glass slipper, but these sandals are visually captivating and sure to catch the eye of any man in his right mind.

Top Metallic Mens Flip Flops

Although not quite as flashy as the lady’s Havana flip flops with all that bling, the mens version of Havaianas Top Metallic flip flops in grey provide all the style he needs to blend well with that lovely lady on his arms. However, no man wants to outshine his lady anyway! These Havana flip flops provide all the spark he is likely to need and they are reasonably priced at under $20. They can be worn during the day as readily as they can complete that evening-on-the-beach look, and are the perfect sandal for informal gatherings where a little Latin music and a sexy Rhumba are in store.

You don’t need to spend a week on the beach to recreate that Latin party atmosphere, but you will need to dress the part for any gathering where you expect to dance the night away. Havana flip flops are the perfect footwear for style and comfort and you will find that you can dance for hours on end, one partner after the next. Ladies can dress it up with flashy Swarovski crystals, highlighting each and every sexy move she makes while men have just enough flash in Top Metallic Havaianas to complement without overpowering her. That’s the key to any good dance couple. The man should look the part while letting the lady shine. She can do nothing less in Crystal Metalisse Havana flip flops.

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