Birkenstock Flip Flops

Birkenstock Flip Flops

Birkenstocks have been popular for as long as I can remember. People love the comfort they offer, and the fact that they last for many years without signs of wear and tear. Birkenstocks are a bit more expensive than the average pair of shoes, but the cost is well worth it. I know people who simply swear by Birkenstocks, and refuse to wear anything else. As the popularity of the Birkenstock brand expanded, so did the products they offered. Today, Birkenstock flip flops are available, and they are quite possibly the perfect summer shoe.

Perfect for Warm Weather

Flip flops are always associated with summer and the beach. This is because you’d be stupid to wear flip flops at any time of the year but summer. Birkenstock flip flops, on the other hand, are much thicker and stronger than normal thongs. This means that they will not only last longer, but will provide more coverage and help keep your feet a bit more warm. They’re far from warm shoes, but you can wear them on nice days in the spring and fall without worrying about your feet freezing.

Built to Last

Unlike the common flip flop, Birkenstock flip flops will last you for years to come. They are made with very high-quality materials, not just cheap plastic and rubber. The initial price tag might turn you off a little bit, but if you think things through, you’ll quickly learn that buying 1 pair of Birkenstocks now is probably going to be cheaper than buying 2-4+ pairs of normal flip flops over the next 10 years or so. Since you probably won’t be wearing your Birkenstock flip flops year round, I wouldn’t be surprised if a nice pair lasted a full 10 years before getting too ratty to wear.

Priced Affordably

Everyone knows flip flops are usually pretty cheap. You can find pairs in stores for $10-$15, or even less than that. Birkenstock flip flops are generally much more expensive, but still priced affordably. The simple pairs will run you anywhere from $30-$50, while a nice pair might set you back $100 or more. There are a lot of different models and styles to choose from, so there’s plenty of choice both in selection and price range. When considering the price of Birkenstocks, keep in mind their track record, and how long they usually last.

Massive Selection

A quick online search for Birkenstock flip flops will turn up hundreds of results. It’s no surprise considering Birkenstock has been around for many years. And, unlike many competitors, Birkenstock rarely discontinues items, so there’s a huge selection available. What’s nice is that their models are widely varied and not just slight variations. For instance, they have flip flops with adjustable ankle straps for added support and comfort, as well as the standard thong model. With tons of shoes to choose from, reasonable prices and a loyal following of fans, it’s no surprise that Birkenstock is as popular as it is today.

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