Switch Flops on Sale

Switch Flops on Sale

The creation of switch flops began with a special high school art project that morphed into an idea to create ceramic flip flops that could be customized by the wearer. Using this basic idea, Lindsay Phillips developed a pair flip flops with interchangeable straps that could be adjusted and changed to revamp the overall appearance of the shoe with minimal effort. Switch flops are the only flip flops that are guaranteed to match your entire wardrobe, regardless of what your favorite colors are. The ability to change the strap of the flip flop and completely re-create its entire essence is what inspired Lindsay Phillips to make the brand slogan "Change your look, not your sole". The following information discusses some of the main attributes of Switch flops, the future of flip flops and casual women's footwear in general.

Find Switch Flops on Sale at Lindsay Phillips Official Site

Shoppers can get the full Switch flops experience online at Lindsay Phillips official website, where the interactive mix-and-match view lets you compare various styles and customize your flip flops before buying them. Users can drag and drop different straps onto different soles to get an idea of just how diverse this footwear really is. With switch flops the only thing that can cramp your style is your own lack of imagination, as you have the ability to completely change the shoe with one snap of the strap. In fact, mathematically, there are over 1000 possible unique combinations, each of which represents a completely unique look. If you can find switch flops on sale, you can eliminate the need to ever buy another pair flip flops again.

Are Switch Flops Comfortable?

Although most types of footwear that are primarily designed for aesthetic purposes are not that comfortable, switch flops are an exception to this stereotype, as they are considered to be one of the most comfortable type of flip flops on the market. Whether you're flat-footed or have a high arch, you're guaranteed to find a pair of Lindsay Phillips switch flops on sale that will fit your comfort and style needs effectively. If you've already bought a pair of switch flops, you can buy additional straps to use with the sole of your original pair. This makes switch flops just as economical as they are comfortable, because rather than buying a new pair, you can simply purchase and collect new and unique straps.

Custom Switch Flop Straps

Fortunately, if you've collected all of Lindsay Phillips switch flop straps, you can probably still find custom switch flop straps at many of the sites that have switch flop on sale. Many tailors will also be able to assist you in creating your own custom straps that can be used with the switch flops that you already own. News straps typically range from $10-$20, with the most common price tag being $12. However, you have the option of purchasing your own material and having it custom tailored for much cheaper price. This freedom and flexibility of design is one of the main attributes that has contributed to the rapid success of Lindsay Phillips switch flops.

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