Reef Flip Flop

Reef Flip Flop

One of the great names in beach and outdoor footwear is Reef because the shoes were developed by manufacturers who have a true love of surfing and the ocean. Each and every pair for men, women and children were designed especially with the outdoor life in mind and each year the Reef flip flop collection just keeps growing larger. If you are looking for a trendy, yet ultra comfortable pair of flip flops that are environmentally friendly at the same time, you won’t find a better design than the Supreme Collection for Men, consisting of 4 unique styles.

Reef J-Bay

This particular Reef Flip Flop has an ultra soft pig skin lining with the signature Reef metal logo. When they tell you these shoes are environmentally friendly, they mean business. The deep contoured midsole is at least 51% recycled material and the outsole is approximately 25% recycled material. Sizes range from men’s 6 through 13. The keyword they use to describe Reef J-Bay is “low impact to the environment.”

Reef Macaronis

Another Reef flip flop that has a low impact on the environment is the Reef Macaronis. The footbed and upper t-strap is made of leather while the lining, like that of the J-Bay is soft pig skin. This sandal also bears the signature Reef metal logo and has the same percentage of recycled materials as the J-Bay. The color is a rich chocolate brown and Macaronis come in men’s sizes 6 through 13.

Reef Playa Avellanas

The Reef Playa Avellanas is a two tone dark brown and tan asymmetrical sandal that provides a great amount of support but the pig skin lining is extremely soft and comfortable. This Reef flip flop has a molded eva insole with deep contoured compression. The outsole is like the first two in the series with 25% recycled rubber. Sizes also run the same. The upper and t-strap are fashioned from full grain leather.

Reef Playa Negra

This style of Reef flip flop in the Supreme Collection is slightly different than the others. The Reef Playa Negra is made with water based and water friendly synthetic leather uppers that are asymmetrical and extremely comfortable. The lining is constructed with a super soft textile with a heavy texture footbed that is thermosliced. Again, for a shoe that is the epitome of comfort yet environmentally friendly, the Reef Playa Negra fits the bill.

The company was founded in the mid 1980’s by two brothers from Argentina, Fernando and Santiago Aguerre, who have a real passion for the ocean. Because they had a vision that began with this love for the water, they founded Reef to cater to others with the same mindset. As a result, any Reef flip flop you buy will not only be on the cutting edge of style but will also make as low an impact on the environment as possible. The shoes are reasonably priced and can be found both online as well as in stores, but the best deals will most likely be found online.

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