Flojos Flip Flops

Flojos Flip Flops

Flip flops are easily wearable side-strapped sandals that have a flat base, though they can be high flip flops for petite women or brides. They come in all colors and designs and with patterns that go with seasons, vacation, and events. They are comfortable and durable. If made from sturdy material they remain comfortable even on hilly areas or for light sports. Women are increasingly wearing high flip flops to wedding-even their own- and girls like to dress up in them for proms.

About Flojos Flip Flops

Flojos Flip Flops Company was established in California. Their first design was based on Mexican beachwear and was used for surfing. They are known for their unique colors and extraordinary designs. Flojos flip flops have been present since 1949 growing into a very popular brand. The beachwear became casual wear and street wear for men, women, and kids in all colors and sizes. The sandals, 'jandals' (Japanese style sandals), and thongs of Flojos flip flops are known for their comfort. Besides the beach, they are worn on occasions as well like garden parties, outdoor weddings, BBQ night with friends, birthday parties etc.

Types of Flojos Flip Flops

It doesn’t matter which type of sandal you desire, Flojos flip flops will always have something to suit your style and occasion. It has a range of:

  • Carrie (Women) - these are outwardly different Flojos flip flops esp. for women and their delicate feet. They are designed for women with a raised back for extra lift which mist women desire to add height to their personality. The sole has rubber foam that is soft yet durable and retains its shape over longer use. The braided straps rather than simple wide ones give it a unique touch. This eastern pattern is trademark which gets printed on most sole surfaces. The Indian henna design gives them a very a feminine aura.
  • Flojos (Men) - these Flojos flip flops are actually for beachwear and a reminiscence of the first flojos Mexican design. If you keep losing your sandals on the beach, enjoying and making sand castles, as the tide takes them away then you must go for Flojos flip flips for the beach. They have an additional ankle strap that makes it fit, prevents them from slipping off your feet in water, and lets you enjoy in style.
  • Xenas (Kids) - these Flojos flip flops are specially designed for your kids and little ones to protect their little feet from hard surfaces. The foam rubber is extra soft yet durable. It has the capacity to absorb shock from uneven surfaces, running, jumping, and climbing that the little ones most often do. The dimpled sole gives extra softness and prevents slipping and fall during unstable toddler walk.

The basic design of Flojos flip flops is simple (though you will find many upgraded versions as well). They have a number of variations, colors, designs and are available in all sizes. The strap additions make them suitable for sports, hiking, running, and beach.

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