Polo Flip Flops

Polo Flip Flops

Flip flops are known for their comfortable design and ease of wear for your feet, but they are hardly known for their style. When Polo from Ralph Lauren came out with their Polo flip flops, they retained the comfort that flip flops come with, and added the extra style and elegance that is the hallmark of Polo products. Ralph Lauren, the designer behind the Polo and Ralph Lauren Inc, was named the best designer in the US in 2009. With such a master behind your flip flops and other accessories, what you get is the best that money can buy.

Different Polo Flip Flops

Polo brings out its flip flops with a variety in style and the materials that they are made out of. They have flip flops for men, women and kids. With leather flip flops, and flip flops made out of canvas, they also offer a lot of choice in the type of flip flop you want – this influences how the flip flop feels against the skin of your feet. The canvas models also cost less, so you can get a Polo Flip flop for as less as $30 – an example is the collection containing Walton Polo Canvas Flip Flop, which itself is made out of woven canvas and treaded rubber.
Their YOOX collection of flip flops is good for indoor use, and starts at $30 too. These are the simplest flip flops, and can be used in the bathroom.
Ralph Lauren Polo Brad sandals are part of a collection of flip flops for kids. These have a thicker strap made out of leather, and a leather-topped cushioning for comfort. Though priced at $40, they are available after some discount at Amazon.com.  

Where to Buy Polo Flip Flops

RalphLauren.com is the home site of Polo flip flops and shoes, and the site you should visit first whenever you want to choose which model of Polo flip flop you want to buy. The site allows easy selection of Polo flip flops, and easier checkout. If you want some bargains, and do not want to pay the maximum printed price, you should shop during some sale or holiday season, when the company is known to give discounts on its footwear and other collections. But if you are not getting any discount on the company site, E-bay and Amazon, and other sites like them are you next best option. Not only can you choose from as wide variety of flip flops as possible, you can also check out customer reviews of Polo flip flops as in the case of Amazon.

In real world, Ralph Lauren and other stores will have Polo flip flops. The advantage of visiting a real store is that you can actually try out the flip flops before you buy them. This is especially true for Polo flip flops and sandals because you may want to check whether that flower encrusted flip flop goes well with your blue dress. It is always a good idea to see your Polo flip flops in real life rather than just seeing a picture of them, before you decide to buy them.

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